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Back-To-School: 3 New Teacher Gifts {for the Not-So-Crafty Parent}

It’s here: Back-to-School Season! And with it comes a mixed bag of emotions for parents, ranging from “I can’t take the sibling fighting one more day! Teachers, please take them back!” to “It’s been lovely not having to worry about making it dressed, feed, and backpacks loaded with homework folders and lunch boxes out the […]

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August Events and Activities for Wine Country Families

This Guide to Events is brought to you with special thanks for our sponsor: Gravenstein Apple FairAugust is here! We are officially in the heat of the harvest, and school is starting up soon, so let’s squeeze out the last sweet drops of summer before it’s gone for good! Check out all the fun stuff […]

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WCMB Breastfeeding (22 of 30)

Learn From Me: What I Know After a Year of Breastfeeding

I’m amazed that I’ve made it to the one-year mark of breastfeeding. I find it remarkable, not only because the human body does wondrous and outstanding things, but because it felt like an uphill battle. Years ago a friend mentioned that Asian women tended to have trouble getting a good latch, according to something she […]

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