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Picture Time {Change Your Life With Selfie-Love}

I went to a blog event recently – a super fun #TargetTakeover hosted by Wine County Moms Blog. As the winning team, our trio had some hilarious pictures posted on various social media outlets. This included an unfiltered picture of us in fur vests (one of the scavenger hunt items). But when I saw the […]

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Review:: Sonoma County Hot Air Balloon Classic

{Disclosure: I received tickets to the Sonoma County Hot Air Balloon Classic in exchange for my honest review.}“Seriously Mom, it’s still dark outside!” It was a beautiful crisp morning in Windsor at the Sonoma County Hot Air Balloon Classic. I woke my two older daughters up at 4:30am, bundled them in several layers of sweaters and […]

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I Hate Social Media. I Think…

Most days I can’t decide if I hate social media, or love it. I hate that it brings out my judgmental jerk. “Oh, I see you out at that fancy restaurant. It’s your anniversary? How nice. I wonder how much that meal cost. And the babysitter. And probably a new outfit? Dang, you can afford […]

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Postpartum Health Wellness Advice from an Expert

This month, I was able to chat with Stacey Earl, a physical therapist who has a B.S. in Kinesiology with an emphasis on Exercise Science, and focuses on postpartum wellness. Tell me about your work. My specialty is postpartum wellness, spinal issues, and feet.  Issues surrounding these topics are the most misunderstood and correcting them […]

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Got Debt? You Can Still Have a Life

I think my family’s debt story is very similar to a lot of other families. We made a conscious decision to finance a large bill, rather than save up and pay cash. In our case, we renovated our house on a $20 thousand credit card, which enabled us to refinance our home to a 15-year […]

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