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A Letter to My Husband on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a heart-warming holiday filled with flowers, chocolate and candlelit dinners. Our kids get excited about sharing valentines with their classmates. We try to decide if these valentines will be store-bought or Pinterest-worthy. There are many variations of the history of St. Valentine and how his story evolved into a production of love notes […]

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Why I Quit: Confessions of a Non-Breastfeeding Mama

I remember the first time I quit breastfeeding. My only pumping break that day was interrupted by an emergency in the operating room. When I finally left the hospital (14 hours after I last pumped), I was painfully engorged. I began pumping in the car and drove home crying. The second time I quit was less […]

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Thanksgiving Kids Crafts: DIY Autumn Leaves Wall Decor

Thanksgiving Kids Crafts: DIY Autumn Leaves Wall Decor Fall is in full-swing. Autumn leaves are falling, my blanket scarves are out of storage, and I’ve begun planning the Thanksgiving menu (Ok, let’s be real… so far, I know we’ll be having turkey!) We moved into our house earlier this year and I’ve been ever-so-slowly trying to decorate and add […]

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Breast Cancer Awareness: When Should You Start Screening?

[Disclaimer: I am not a primary care physician or breast cancer specialist. The purpose of this post is to provide updated recommendations for breast cancer screening. All opinions are my own and should not be substituted for regular care and advice from your primary care physician.] Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in […]

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Watermelon Soup

Watermelon Dessert Soup: A Favorite Summer-Time Treat

August 3rd was National Watermelon Day and I was faced with a decision: do I completely ignore it like the zillion other unnecessary “holidays” or is today the day that I actually embrace it? Since I already had my favorite watermelon beer waiting for me in my refrigerator, I decided that we’re celebrating National Watermelon […]

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First Comes Love, Then Comes Labor Pain

5 Questions For Your Anesthesiologist About Labor Pain For nine months, you’ve watched your belly grow, felt her little kicks, and stared at her ultrasound pictures, imagining what she’ll look like when you finally hold her in your arms. The day has arrived for you to meet your precious baby. Many women don’t realize that there is […]

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