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The C WOrd-

Can I Say the C-Word? {A Teacher Busting Misconceptions About Common Core}

Innovators. Problem Finders. Environmental Stewards. Compassionate Citizens. Creative Artists. Rigorous Thinkers. Am I referring to the movers and shakers in Silicon Valley or the highly valued entrepreneurs of the world? Maybe the business minded moguls living large in SF’s Financial District? Nope. I’m talking about our kids in public schools in California, ages 4-17. You […]

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For the Love of a Real Dinner: When Dad Cooks

5:15 p.m.: The hubby realizes that he is the only adult in the household who will make a real dinner as his wife is only capable of warming up food or making quesadillas. 5:30 p.m.: He scours the Internet for the perfect recipe and heads down the street to Whole Foods (he is convinced that […]

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Super Soccer Mom Status: I Soccer-Fan So Hard

For the last five years, fall has signaled the start of soccer mania in our household. Shin guards, water bottles and soccer socks start appearing everywhere (although when we need them they magically disappear.) The calendar quickly fills up with practices, games, tournaments and snack duties and my OCD goes into overdrive.  We inventory available […]

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back to school happy teacher

How to Have a Happy Teacher Relationship: 6 Tips

When my oldest started Kindergarten, I was entering my eighth year as a middle school teacher. I naively thought I knew it all.  My kid was not going to let me down, he was going to school like no one had ever schooled before.  Backpack, check.  Healthy lunch, check.  School supplies, check.  I was proud […]

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The Golden State Warriors

15 Reasons Why We Love the Golden State Warriors

I haven’t always been a Warriors fan.  In fact, I grew up cheering for the original dream team of Magic Johnson, Byron Scott, Kurt Rambis and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in the mid 1980’s. We watched the Lakers without fail in my house.  But after my move to Santa Rosa many years ago, I couldn’t help but […]

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i see you

A Letter from your Teacher at Graduation: I See You

To My Dear Students: Most people who don’t know you make assumptions about you.  They think you are just thirteen-year-olds who are self-obsessed, hormone-driven and ungrateful.  They don’t know the real you, they don’t see what I see, they have no clue about “kids these days.” The truth is, you are fantastic human beings. You […]

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Siblings: The Good The Bad and The Beautiful

My brothers don’t know it, but they helped me get a husband. It’s because of our Greek God genes that my boyfriend-at-the-time finally bit the bullet and put a ring on it, after four years of dating.  All that talk about evolution and how men choose their mates based on genetic compatibility?   Yup.   My husband […]

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april fools trick

April Fools: The Greatest Parenting Lies Ever Told

Some days I feel like I’m on one of those “Pranked” shows.  Just looking around for a hidden camera, waiting for someone to jump out from behind me and yell, “April Fools!” Motherhood has a way of punking us sometimes. The problem is, it’s not a prank, it’s real life.  So to all you Mom’s out […]

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