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Can I Say the C-Word? {A Teacher Busting Misconceptions About Common Core}

Innovators. Problem Finders. Environmental Stewards. Compassionate Citizens. Creative Artists. Rigorous Thinkers. Am I referring to the movers and shakers in Silicon Valley or the highly valued entrepreneurs of the world? Maybe the business minded moguls living large in SF’s Financial District? Nope. I’m talking about our kids in public schools in California, ages 4-17. You […]

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Becoming A Mother Saved My Life

When you look at me today, you wouldn’t know that I was addicted to methamphetamine (also known as meth) for a good ten years.  You wouldn’t know that I endured a very tumultuous, abusive relationship with my girls’ father.  You wouldn’t know that I thought I was supposed to love him first before anything, including my children.  […]

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When Mom is Plagued with Self-Doubt

Sometime in my mid-twenties the carefree confidence that my mother so diligently nurtured in me went away, replaced by agonizing self-doubt. Around the time when I was first diagnosed with depression my confidence disappeared and has not been seen since. This abrupt absence in what I assumed was a core personality trait left a gaping hole in […]

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messy dinner date

Cherish Your Favorite Messy Moments

Having been a mother now for over a year, I know I need to cherish every little moment. Believe me, I try to.  I cherish some more than others though.  Moments that delight me and stand out most in my mind, are not always those perfect “Hallmark” moments.  Rather, they are the messy moments; the […]

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