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Can I Say the C-Word? {A Teacher Busting Misconceptions About Common Core}

Innovators. Problem Finders. Environmental Stewards. Compassionate Citizens. Creative Artists. Rigorous Thinkers. Am I referring to the movers and shakers in Silicon Valley or the highly valued entrepreneurs of the world? Maybe the business minded moguls living large in SF’s Financial District? Nope. I’m talking about our kids in public schools in California, ages 4-17. You […]

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Is My Child Ready for Kindergarten? {Four Essential Traits They Need}

All around Sonoma County, school districts are beginning the process of kindergarten enrollment. And,all around Sonoma County, mamas are lying awake in bed asking themselves, “Is my child ready for kindergarten?” The saying “kindergarten is the new first grade” has become popular in recent years. Consequently parents think kindergarten readiness equals academics. Yes, kindergarten is […]

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5 Must-Have Classic Kid’s Books that Teach Important Life Lessons

There are countless studies as to why reading books with, and to, children is valuable to their development. Benefits include gaining a higher aptitude in learning, opening up new worlds through learning, speech skills, as well as higher concentration levels. However the most important aspect is the growth in relationship with the child and the […]

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