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Happy Halloween to All with The Teal Pumpkin Project!

Happy Halloween to All with The Teal Pumpkin Project!

The most anticipated event of Halloween for so many children is trick-or-treating. Traditionally, our little ghosts, goblins, and witches go door-to-door, filling their plastic pumpkins and pillow sacks with handfuls of candy. However, there’s a growing number of children who cannot safely participate in these festivities due to food allergies. Food allergies range from common […]

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2017 Guide to Fall Wine and Vine Events: Harvest Fun for the Big Kids

Harvest Parties and Grape Stomps Set aside the tulle and costume make-up mom, it’s your turn for a good time! Our Fall activities round-up would not be complete without a host of opportunities to enjoy our main agricultural treasure: grapes! Come stomp, taste, and cheers to the treats of the harvest with some of our favorite […]

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Connecting Generations: 5 Ways to Develop and Enhance the Grandparent Relationship

I didn’t grow up near either set of my grandparents. However, I learned to have a great grandparent/grandchild relationship with them even though they were miles away. Connecting generations, when we lived in Alaska and they were in California and Rhode Island, must not have been easy for my parents. Since becoming a parent myself […]

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Rockstar Dads: A Wonderful Father Helped Me Find the Perfect Partner

Father. Dad. Daddy. Pops. Papa. Papi. It is more than a title. It is a gift you give your child. A gift that keeps on giving through all stages of your child’s life. Subconsciously, we date, engage, and marry someone sharing characteristics of our parents, whether they were present or absent. I am blessed with a great father. This fact gave me […]

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