Bloom Napa:: A Brunch for New and Expectant Moms in May 2017

We are extremely excited to announce Bloom, for new & expecting parents at the American Canyon Library! We will host this intimate event on the patio and conference room to welcome expecting {and new} moms in Napa, American Canyon, Fairfield, and Vallejo. Guests will enjoy our first annual new and expectant parent event. Wine Country mamas can expect [...]
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A Wine Country Mom’s Guide to Family Friendly Wineries {Park Settings, Bocce Ball, and More}

Lindsey Tatum Photography There's also no question we get more frequently, here at Wine Country Moms Blog, than "Where are the family-friendly wineries?" We get it, you don't want to irritate a small, upscale boutique with your two year old, nor do you want your kid bored out of his or her mind somewhere that [...]
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Naptime Is My Happy Hour. There I Said It

Calling all SAHMs! Actually all mothers! Hell, all parents! I adore my boys. They amaze me with their dance moves and make me proud when they exhibit genuine kindness. I get giddy when they tell me I am pretty. All while driving me bonkers because they can’t seem to get along for more than 15 minutes.  […]

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Grandma: Enjoying Every Minute of her Visit

It’s that time of year again. I am hardly home, household chores are piling up, my paperwork at work is suffering. I have less time for friends, my healthy *wink *wink diet falters, and I will gain 5 pounds that undoubtedly will never seem to come off. Heck I’m even cutting it close with this post […]

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