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Dear Family: I am taking a leave of absence. Signed, Mom

Dear family, I am taking a leave of absence. My sanity, as well as your happiness depends on it. After all if Mom’s not happy, nobody’s happy!  I will be at an undisclosed location with zero cell reception. But don’t worry, I’ll have plenty of nothing to do for the utmost relaxing and rejuvenating time of my life! […]

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Postpartum Coffee Trials {My Quest for the Perfect Cup}

Oh coffee, I love you and I’ve missed you on a daily basis. Now with two kids, I’m realizing more than ever how important coffee is to my role as a mother. Just like with my first pregnancy, I couldn’t stand the taste of plain black coffee. The same aversion happened to my mother. I’m […]

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Traveling Abroad, with Kids! Overcoming Fear in Uncertain Times

Traveling with kids in times of turmoil It is never easy to pack just enough of your life into suitcases, load the kids into an airplane, and fly across the world. I don’t know from experience, but I am pretty certain that it has never been a simple or mundane task. Technology certainly hasn’t simplified […]

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Bad Marriage Advice: 11 Lessons After 11 Years of Marriage

Today is the day, eleven years ago, where we walked down a cedar chip aisle in the middle of a family friend’s vineyard. I was high on Dayquil, sick as a dog, and only remember flickering fragments of the entire day, but I do remember it was swollen with hope and love. I’ve been given […]

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Dear Solar Eclipse, You’re Just Not Safe Enough for Us

Come Monday, America’s collective gaze will turn to the heavens. Children and adults alike will migrate outside in droves, donning (#PLEASE) protective eyewear, to witness the phenomenon that is a rare solar eclipse. But my child? She’ll be inside. And for good reason. It has been forty years since a solar eclipse last dimmed the […]

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Make Your Own Missing Child Kit {Preparing for the Unthinkable}

  Having three young kids requires constant vigilance. I always need to know where each child is, and how close they are to danger. Child safety kits have not been on my radar because I’m just so good at watching them. Right? Perhaps not so much. I recently took all three of my kids to […]

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Back To School Style: Trends That Should Stay In Our Past

Believe it or not, Summer’s almost over and our kids are gearing up to start school again! Growing up, my favorite part of preparing for a new school year was shopping for new clothes with my mom. But I wasn’t always a self-proclaimed shopaholic. Since the majority of my childhood school years were spent in […]

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Back-To-School: 3 New Teacher Gifts {for the Not-So-Crafty Parent}

It’s here: Back-to-School Season! And with it comes a mixed bag of emotions for parents, ranging from “I can’t take the sibling fighting one more day! Teachers, please take them back!” to “It’s been lovely not having to worry about making it dressed, feed, and backpacks loaded with homework folders and lunch boxes out the […]

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August Events and Activities for Wine Country Families

This Guide to Events is brought to you with special thanks for our sponsor: Gravenstein Apple FairAugust is here! We are officially in the heat of the harvest, and school is starting up soon, so let’s squeeze out the last sweet drops of summer before it’s gone for good! Check out all the fun stuff […]

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