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Traditions To-Go: Celebrating Christmas on the Road

We need to get creative with Christmas traditions because, most likely, my children will never celebrate Christmas Day at home. With family scattered around California and Oklahoma, with grandparents, extended family, and friends-that-are-family scattered across the miles, we must create some pieces for my children to hold onto as they get older. When my husband and I […]

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Thanksgiving Kids Crafts: DIY Autumn Leaves Wall Decor

Thanksgiving Kids Crafts: DIY Autumn Leaves Wall Decor Fall is in full-swing. Autumn leaves are falling, my blanket scarves are out of storage, and I’ve begun planning the Thanksgiving menu (Ok, let’s be real… so far, I know we’ll be having turkey!) We moved into our house earlier this year and I’ve been ever-so-slowly trying to decorate and add […]

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