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Rockstar Dads: A Wonderful Father Helped Me Find the Perfect Partner

Father. Dad. Daddy. Pops. Papa. Papi. It is more than a title. It is a gift you give your child. A gift that keeps on giving through all stages of your child’s life. Subconsciously, we date, engage, and marry someone sharing characteristics of our parents, whether they were present or absent. I am blessed with a great father. This fact gave me […]

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A Letter to My Husband on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a heart-warming holiday filled with flowers, chocolate and candlelit dinners. Our kids get excited about sharing valentines with their classmates. We try to decide if these valentines will be store-bought or Pinterest-worthy. There are many variations of the history of St. Valentine and how his story evolved into a production of love notes […]

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In Defense of My Husband

My husband is the greatest. I’m sure many of us can say that about our spouses, but mine might actually be the best. He has a level-head, is kind, supportive, goofy, playful, warm, loving, gentle, hard-working, responsible, etc. Basically, any of the adjectives you might expect to show up next to the phrase “Greatest Husband” […]

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Date Night (Romance vs. Reality)

It’s date night! You’ve been looking forward to this all week. Who am I kidding, all month! A night out in the town with no kids, adult conversation, and romantic eye gazing. No bubble guppies, snot noses, and blueberry spills. Just chivalry and roses. Ahhh sounds like a winning night already. You toss your faded […]

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Dad Jeans

Dad Jeans: One Man’s Journey Into Stretch Denim

My husband bought stretchy jeans from Costco for himself (accidentally).  And then he fell in love with them.  And so did I.  They became the voice-of-reason jeans.  The day he bought his very own pair of dad jeans, he came home, unloaded the $500 of groceries that we didn’t have room for, and then he […]

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