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I Used to Hate Mommy Tribes…Until I Found My Own

  Mom Friends are Hard to Come By Want a hard truth? Here it is… when you become a mom you do not automatically fit into a mommy mold or by default become accepted into a Mommy Tribe. Women are harsh critics of one another and having children does not end the criticisms. After my eldest […]

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Why I Quit: Confessions of a Non-Breastfeeding Mama

I remember the first time I quit breastfeeding. My only pumping break that day was interrupted by an emergency in the operating room. When I finally left the hospital (14 hours after I last pumped), I was painfully engorged. I began pumping in the car and drove home crying. The second time I quit was less […]

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First Comes Love, Then Comes Labor Pain

5 Questions For Your Anesthesiologist About Labor Pain For nine months, you’ve watched your belly grow, felt her little kicks, and stared at her ultrasound pictures, imagining what she’ll look like when you finally hold her in your arms. The day has arrived for you to meet your precious baby. Many women don’t realize that there is […]

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Savvy Business Mama Series {Part Two of Three}

{Disclosure: This series is graciously sponsored by the wonderful Evy’s Tree, a locally based clothier. You can learn more about the savvy business owner, Amy, here.} Savvy Business Sisters: Christina & Nicole These savvy business sisters work in close proximity, in our river city, Petaluma. We just love what they do with their strengths and […]

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Celebrating the Original Working Mom

You know who works hard?  Our own mamas!  In fact, according to an analysis of the past 150 years done by Ancestry.com, the “biggest annual boost in workforce participation” by mothers came in 1980.  For many of us, that puts our moms right in the thick of the working mothers’ revolution.  Viva las mamas!  To […]

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