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Crunchy Mom, or No? Why Labels Shouldn’t Define My Motherhood

Crunchy Mom – a mom who is an advocate of natural birth, non- or selective-circumcision, cloth diapering, co-sleeping, not (or delayed) vaccinating, breastfeeding, baby-wearing, homeschooling, organic living, and attachment parenting. I’ve never considered myself a “free spirit” or thought of my personality as hippie-ish. But in a world of #labels, it turns out that I’m a […]

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Dear Friend, Tomorrow May Never Come

Dear Friend, Tomorrow May Never Come

Thank You, Dear Friend Today you reminded me how tomorrow may never come. I hate the way in which you sent the reminder. But you always were straight to the point, however tough the conversation seemed. Today, my dear friend, I will hug my babies tighter. More I Love You’s More I love you’s will be yelled […]

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Connecting Generations: 5 Ways to Develop and Enhance the Grandparent Relationship

I didn’t grow up near either set of my grandparents. However, I learned to have a great grandparent/grandchild relationship with them even though they were miles away. Connecting generations, when we lived in Alaska and they were in California and Rhode Island, must not have been easy for my parents. Since becoming a parent myself […]

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Leaving my Career to be a Stay-at-Home Mom

Before delivering our firstborn son, I was ignorant to the labels that would henceforth populate my life. Breastfeeding or bottle-feeding mom? Cloth or disposable diapering mom? Crib baby or co-sleeping family? And the biggest label of all – working mom or stay-at-home mom? Unbeknownst to me in my new-mom naivety, our choices spoke volumes about my brand […]

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