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I Used to Hate Mommy Tribes…Until I Found My Own

  Mom Friends are Hard to Come By Want a hard truth? Here it is… when you become a mom you do not automatically fit into a mommy mold or by default become accepted into a Mommy Tribe. Women are harsh critics of one another and having children does not end the criticisms. After my eldest […]

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An Introvert’s Guide to Rocking Motherhood

*** Us introverts are having a bit of a moment, aren’t we? From bestselling books to silly memes to snarky apparel, suddenly, being quiet is cool.  I’ve always needed a hefty bit of time alone to feel my best. Give me a couple of free hours and I will happily putz around, alone, maybe cleaning, […]

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In Defense of My Husband

My husband is the greatest. I’m sure many of us can say that about our spouses, but mine might actually be the best. He has a level-head, is kind, supportive, goofy, playful, warm, loving, gentle, hard-working, responsible, etc. Basically, any of the adjectives you might expect to show up next to the phrase “Greatest Husband” […]

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End of a Friendship

Our friendship was one of my longest lasting relationships. After meeting through a mutual friend, we were soon inseparable. All through the first 15 years we had so much fun and I felt like I found a true confidant. It wasn’t until the first pregnancy that things really started to change for me. She was making decisions that […]

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Surviving Lactastrophe {4 Tips to Support a Friend With Low Supply}

{The First Week of August is International Breastfeeding Awareness Week. Each week of August, we will provide our readers with a unique perspective on breastfeeding, from one of our writers.} Lactastrophe: lak/tas/tro/fee: When breasts fail to produce enough milk to sustain life. Although other feeding options exist, and the infant most often thrives, a lactastrophe […]

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Mothering the Mother: Supporting Each Other Postpartum

Shell-shocked. That was how my OB described postpartum-me. It was like a kind, and loving, slap in the face. My defensive self raged, “What do you MEAN I didn’t handle postpartum like a rockstar?” The rest of me thinks that shell-shocked was probably an understatement. On paper, my daughter’s birth went exactly how I wanted: […]

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