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Who is WCMB?

Wine Country Moms Blog is a contributor based parenting resource for wine country moms. We have a team of 35+ women and men who blog, plan local events, and support all parents in the wine country community both online and off.


Wine country does a few things really well, (outside of wine, beer, food, and lack of weather, that is). We are really great at building smaller niche communities. We are fantastic at supporting each other. All wine country residents truly know how to embrace the good life. But, sometimes, we struggle to demonstrate how family-friendly our “adult-beverage” culture is. And we really struggle with a broader sense of community for families.

Randi Cornwall, our founder is a mother of three, and wine country lifer, who has personally experienced the challenge of connecting to other area moms and family resources. “Finding things to do with the kids on Saturday morning is much easier now than it used to be, but it still isn’t simple. Many have said that as a newer transplant to wine country it can be hard to find mom groups. I’ve found even locals struggle with that.”

Part of the work of mothering includes lonely stretches, like when you have a newborn and it’s flu season, or your new preschooler contracts head lice. Motherhood has solitary moments, that’s almost part of the job description. But the lonely part? That’s what we here at Wine Country Moms Blog are attempting to fix. Because sometimes your toddler hasn’t slept all night (and neither did you) so you miss the library storytime. Or you’re working and it seems like all the age-appropriate events are during normal business hours. Sometimes, sometimes, the lonely part of motherhood is made worse because we aren’t doing enough for each other on the sisterhood front.

But WCMB can make this better for Wine Country moms. Whether you have just enough time to peruse our page for our guide to Postpartum and Pregnancy Resources, or read about the perils of feeding your toddler, if all you have time for is to hide in the bathroom and scroll through and find a family friendly winery. You can belong here, with the rest of us, tired and overworked mommas.

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