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An Introvert’s Guide to Rocking Motherhood

*** Us introverts are having a bit of a moment, aren’t we? From bestselling books to silly memes to snarky apparel, suddenly, being quiet is cool.  I’ve always needed a hefty bit of time alone to feel my best. Give me a couple of free hours and I will happily putz around, alone, maybe cleaning, […]

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Managing Through the “Do It Myselfs” (DIMY’s)

We are in the midst of the DIMYs. Are you familiar with this stage? It’s the amazing time of growth characterized by the ongoing instance from my toddler that she “Do It Myself.” Serving dinner, washing her face, choosing an outfit– all in the DIMY category these days. And because the DIMYs often take longer (and […]

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About Aimee Sands-Carney

About Our Team:: Series Please enjoy our mini-series about our fantastic writers and mombassadors! What do you do for work or hobbies? I work full-time as Director of Communications for a wine company. I also enjoy putzing around in the kitchen, hiking or reading. Can I count travel as a hobby even if I don’t do […]

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Flight Feathers: Mom Thoughts on Growing Up

The air smells of blackberries and dust and pencil shavings. On our walk the air is hot and dry, but the breeze has an edge, a sharpness that reminds me we’ve crossed into fall. There’s a golden quality to the light, and the geese are restless at the edge of Spring Lake. We’ve been watching […]

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Morning Shortcut: Banana Blueberry Oatmeal Muffins

I recently wrapped up maternity leave after my second baby. While there’s much I could write about the emotional implications of being back at work, this post focuses on the practical. Specifically, the practical reality that we all must leave the house every single morning. Getting out the door with a baby and a toddler requires an […]

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