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Raising a Tween Daughter {I’m Losing Her}

It was an innocent comment, a quick answer to an unexpected question, and my heart simultaneously broke and grew in the span of 60 seconds. My head easily recognized my tween daughter to be asserting her independence, appropriately no less. But my heart felt like I was losing her. Losing her to what, I don’t […]

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A to Z of Life With Three

A lighthearted ode to life with 3 or more kids. Alone time. If you had any alone time prior to having number three say goodbye to it. In fact going to the store with only two kids will practically feel like alone time. Babysitting. It’s easy to pawn off one child to a helpful friend, […]

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Since the Death of My Mother You Have Mothered Me

My mother died when I was 33. She was an overbearing, loud, feisty, Italian mother and she was my best friend. Looking back I was probably inappropriately co-dependent on my mother but being an only child, and a daughter no less, that was simply how our relationship existed. I went to my mother for everything. […]

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Is My Child Ready for Kindergarten? {Four Essential Traits They Need}

All around Sonoma County, school districts are beginning the process of kindergarten enrollment. And,all around Sonoma County, mamas are lying awake in bed asking themselves, “Is my child ready for kindergarten?” The saying “kindergarten is the new first grade” has become popular in recent years. Consequently parents think kindergarten readiness equals academics. Yes, kindergarten is […]

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Ah-Mazing Caramel Corn in 8 Easy Steps

There aren’t many recipes I can consistently count on or that I even get asked to produce, but this yummy-goodness is my stand by. Christmas gifts for 10 teachers? Tins of caramel corn. Bake sale to raise money for a 5th grade sailing trip? Individual bags of caramel corn. A thank-you gift because you just […]

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