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Grandma: Enjoying Every Minute of her Visit

It’s that time of year again. I am hardly home, household chores are piling up, my paperwork at work is suffering. I have less time for friends, my healthy *wink *wink diet falters, and I will gain 5 pounds that undoubtedly will never seem to come off. Heck I’m even cutting it close with this post […]

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Weaning: The Process of Letting Go {or Not}

My daughter turned 14 months this week and I was positive that I would be writing our weaning success story by now. As is with all things motherhood… success is a relative term… maybe even a “no-no” word. Since the birth of my child I have been asked: Are you nursing? Until when do you […]

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social worker

Having a Baby Made Me a Better Social Worker

Many of us have read those posts from moms detailing what they were ill-prepared for after having a baby: sleep deprivation, soreness from breastfeeding, bodily fluids EVERYWHERE, emotional roller coaster that is the first few months, etc. All experiences that happen no matter how much one prepares. Though I’m more than a year into this […]

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