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Emotional Eating: Healing My Relationship With Food

I’ve struggled with emotional eating for about 21 years – since the 7th grade. I remember how it started (as if saying “7th grade” isn’t clue enough). Junior high was in full swing and I found myself in the most uncomfortable transition period to date. I felt so exposed. I was trying to hide who […]

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Evolving Out of a Hot Temper

We are always teaching them something I remember very clearly how my temper was born. It had been blossoming inside me for as long as I could remember. I’d have frequent outbursts that told me I wasn’t in control of how to express anger. And then I became a teenager. My voice seemed to have […]

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Healdsburg to L.A.: Two Kids, Two Stops, and No iPad

I’ve become incredibly inspired by natural movement due to an injury and my quest to heal myself. The concept is as simple as it sounds: moving your body dynamically, as it was designed to do, in order to gain strength and mobility, prevent or heal injury, and even live pain-free. Our modern age has seduced […]

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Body Self-Consciousness and Diastasis Recti

“Jessie, I thought you had the baby already?” My face flushed and I hoped she didn’t notice – I didn’t want to make her feel bad. “I did, he’s right here!” Let’s change the subject, please. “He’s two months old.” I vaguely remember saying some words about postpartum bodies and Diastasis Recti, and blah blah […]

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About Our Contributor: Jessie Bushnell

Hello, friends, we are so excited to share with you, a little bit more about our writers! For the next several Sundays, you will have an opportunity to learn about our writing team, who they are, where they live, and why we love them! Today, we are sharing about Jessie, who just joined our team […]

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