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Preparing My Kid for Kindergarten {It's Not My Favorite}

Preparing My Kid for Kindergarten {It’s Not My Favorite}

As I was squatting down on the ground to put my three-year-old’s shoes on, a few thoughts occurred to me. First – “I’m getting old and my knees are loud.” And second – “I need to start doing less for my five-year-old, who will soon be in Kindergarten. He’s perfectly capable of completing the things I still do for […]

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Moving with Kiddos Is The Ultimate Stress Test

Moving with Kiddos Is The Ultimate Stress Test

I had every single home buying app on my phone. I looked through them multiple times a day. Despite the fact that our townhouse was finally fully renovated, I was constantly looking at other properties. Our townhome never felt like a “forever home,” and the idea of staying and making milestone memories was tough to imagine. I couldn’t […]

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Rockstar Dads: A Wonderful Father Helped Me Find the Perfect Partner

Father. Dad. Daddy. Pops. Papa. Papi. It is more than a title. It is a gift you give your child. A gift that keeps on giving through all stages of your child’s life. Subconsciously, we date, engage, and marry someone sharing characteristics of our parents, whether they were present or absent. I am blessed with a great father. This fact gave me […]

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grey hair

Gray Hair, Don’t Care! {Well… Almost}

I’m not high maintenance, but motherhood didn’t do that to me. Honestly, I believe it’s because I am lazy when it comes to fixing myself up. I am also frugal and due to aforementioned laziness, I would never be able to maintain some of the fads, like eyelash extensions, shellac nails, microdermabrasion facials and keratin treatments. Because once you […]

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