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Juggling the Farm: Pets, Love, Loss, and More on a Wine Country Homestead

Parenting Through Raising, and Losing, Animals Animals are a lot of work. Pretty much all of us know this. Some “practice” parenthood as a fur mom or dad before venturing into having kids. Some add them to the mix after starting a human family. Whatever experience one has with raising animals, one thing most can […]

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The Similarities Between Parenting and Customer Service

The Similarities Between Parenting and Customer Service

Working in customer service helped me understand parenthood Kids are a lot like the most difficult customers you encounter in almost any customer service job. They are demanding, insistent, and indignant.  Once you consider the similarities, they far outnumber the differences. In coaching myself to deal with the hardships of parenting, I learned to revert […]

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Why Should Santa Get All The Credit?

Why Should Santa Get the Credit when we Do All the Work? As our sixth family Christmas approaches, I find myself wondering this more than ever. It is overwhelming. So much to do- the lists, the letters, Christmas cards, the budgeting, shopping, planning, prepping, cooking, coordinating, cleaning, hiding, wrapping, lugging, the quick and precise quiet dance […]

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