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A Life on the Ropes {Sexual Assault Awareness Month}

My first assault happened in elementary school. I vividly remember the boys chasing us around at recess and smacking our butts.  The game was not “fun” for anyone involved. We felt hurt, terrified and ashamed. The boys acted out gender stereotypes hoping it would make them men. It lasted several weeks, the girls creeping along […]

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When Mom is Plagued with Self-Doubt

Sometime in my mid-twenties the carefree confidence that my mother so diligently nurtured in me went away, replaced by agonizing self-doubt. Around the time when I was first diagnosed with depression my confidence disappeared and has not been seen since. This abrupt absence in what I assumed was a core personality trait left a gaping hole in […]

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Anonymom:: Unhealed Wounds and The Holidays

  Last Thanksgiving the emotional wounds you caused were fresh and raw. Yet, with every potato I peeled, I missed you. When we sat down to eat there was a hole in my heart where your chair should have been. You were supposed to been seated beside me, holding my hand during grace — and […]

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