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Potty Training Like a Boss {Your How-to Guide for Success}

Potty Training Like a Boss {Your How-to Guide for Success}

Potty training (or potty learning) is a major developmental milestone in your child’s life. For most parents, it’s also an exhausting nightmare. Between picking the method you want to use (sticker charts, verbal praise, candy incentives etc.) to gathering all the supplies (pull ups, underwear, potty seat, travel accessories, and so on), it’s enough to […]

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Another Baby? {Please Stop Questioning My Decision}

Another Baby? {Please Stop Questioning My Decision}

I vividly remember my six-week postpartum appointment after my second baby was born. I spent the bulk of the appointment nodding, as my OB/GYN did her best to sell me on an IUD. And not-so-subtly suggesting that we (my husband and I) consider a permanent birth control method. My methodical nodding and blank stare must […]

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Crunchy Mom, or No? Why Labels Shouldn’t Define My Motherhood

Crunchy Mom – a mom who is an advocate of natural birth, non- or selective-circumcision, cloth diapering, co-sleeping, not (or delayed) vaccinating, breastfeeding, baby-wearing, homeschooling, organic living, and attachment parenting. I’ve never considered myself a “free spirit” or thought of my personality as hippie-ish. But in a world of #labels, it turns out that I’m a […]

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Team Wild or Team Mild? Raising the Child You Have

Every child is unique. Their interests, perspective and personalities blend in one-of-a-kind ways to create one-of-a-kind people. Some kids are born growling, ready to join Team Wild while some are definitely set for Team Mild, from the start. It’s amazingly beautiful when you think about it. It’s also really annoying when you grow up and […]

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parenting choices

Mom Confession: “I fear sleepovers.”

Raising kids involves a never-ending stream of parenting choices. Everything from what you feed them to the school they attend rests on your shoulders. Luckily most of these parenting decisions go unobserved by the world at large…and unless your Facebook status happens to be, “we skipped bath time for the second night in a row,” […]

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$63 pee

It cost me $63 for my daughter and her friends to pee.

Disclaimer: This MOM RANT is brought to you by, City Bank and “J” — the very unsympathetic parking attendant. Today, while shuffling kids around, I stopped at the bank. It was the lone errand I had to run during an epic day of fun activities. So of course it went horribly wrong. As I unbuckled my baby from her car […]

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