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10 Signs it’s Fall in Wine Country {We Have Memes!}

You Know it’s Fall in Wine Country When…

Oh hello, September-how we’ve missed you! 

Are you a mama who’s a fan of fall? Is there something you love about our hot-cold, often confusing collapse into wet weather? We found a few things we know our wine country friends will appreciate. Whether we’re talking gorgeous views or not so gorgeous smells…Fall sure is special! Take a look at our 10 signs it’s fall in our favorite home!

1>>>Epic Sunsets Take Over Instagram


Local Instagram accounts take to the skies when fall hits, as a kaleidoscope of colors paint masterpieces that even us non-professionals can’t wait to capture.


#fall #Winecountry #soblessed (amirite?)

2>>> Here Comes the Dreaded Sonoma Aroma


We aren’t too proud of our Sonoma Aroma, but come fall it’s all we can talk about. The one downside of living in a beautiful agricultural zone? It smells like an agricultural zone. From Sulphur to fertilizer spray, when that coastal breeze picks up-we all grab our noses and run inside.

3>>>The OTHER Harvest Makes You Giddy Too


Forget Pumpkin Spice Lattes and your favorite summertime rose. When the weather starts to take a turn for crisp leaves, we take a turn towards one of the many locally made delicious hard ciders. Any Sonoma lifer will tell you that apples were one of our first big agricultural products, and we still love this seasonal sweet treat-in any form.

4>>> The Fall Leaves Shine {Bright Like Diamonds}


The east coast is known for their beautiful array of fall foliage, but we are pretty sure Wine Country shines in this area as well. When most of your hills are covered in vines, the dance of rusty, golden, broad leaves makes for a beautiful backdrop.


It’s even prettier when you know those grapes are turning into delightful local wine.

Photo Credit: Lindsey Tatum Photography

5 >>> You Spend A LOT of Time Staring at Red Lights.


Do you have three hours to kill? I have just the thing for you – a scenic drive down the 101. You’re guaranteed to spend 90 or so minutes watching the grass grow. Don’t forget to take in the other sites, like the gorgeous sunset and rolling pastureland. And oh yeah, our friends from San Francisco say there’s a corn maze around there, too.

6 >>> The Afternoon Schedule Motto? “Just SURVIVE”


If you’re a mom of school-aged kids in Sonoma, you dread the start of fall activities. It’s not just the strain on the calendar or your car’s little engine that can; getting all kids fed and on time to each activity is a feat of magic-especially considering our traffic and distance to activities. (Did you know, in some places driving forty minutes to karate is considered absurd? Just saying.)

7 >>> “Dressing in Layers” Levels Up

We have no idea what we're doing.

We have no idea what we’re doing.

“Overdressed” takes on a whole new meaning here. We NorCalers take dressing in layers to heart, year-round, but it’s never more evident than in spring and fall when we wear literally everything in our closet…at the same time. Shorts under leggings, under jeans, with a shirt under sweatshirt with a flannel blanket scarf? Sounds reasonable. Don’t forget the baseball cap and ear muffs!

8 >>> The Tasting Rooms Become Super Chill

Tasting room 10 signs it's fall in wine country

There’s one HUGE perk to living in wine country, and it’s the harvest slow-down. Although we live in a tourists haven, fall is slightly less busy, which means we can escape to our favorite wineries, breweries, and tasting rooms, and experience devoted attention with our favorite purveyors. (Your dog loves it too.)

9 >>> Your Bed Might Be Cold


Many a wine country spouse will attest to lonely cost of Harvest. While their partners are toiling away in the wee hours of morning and night, pouring and crushing our favorite nectar into something we will share over dinner with friends, much of the mothering (and fathering) is left to the sole responsibility of the Harvest Widow(er). At least there’s wine at the end though, right?

10 >>> The Shoe Confusion Becomes Absurd


What’s the weather like today? Are we going to be scorching hot by noon? Maybe it’s #sweaterweather and we need our Uggs to survive school drop-off. Most likely, the weather will play it both ways: visible puffs of breath and dense fog as we leave the house and baking cookies in our cars in the afternoon. Best be prepared!

We hope you enjoyed our 10 Signs it’s Fall in Wine Country, here are some memes for you to share and love! Did we miss a fall sign? Tell us in the comments below!

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