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2017 First Annual Reader Survey (and a chance to win!)

Hey there! We have loved celebrating this year with you in wine country, and can’t wait to continue 2017 on the right foot! For that reason, we’ve started asking for feedback on our online readers survey and we can’t wait to hear what you have to say.

For this last year we’ve asked ourselves big questions like, where are our readers living? How many kids to they have? What can we do to be more… for them? And now is our chance to find out! 

One important note about our 2017 Survey:

This survey is thorough. This is so we can really dig deep and understand what is working for our readers (and what isn’t). Please take your time to answer each question honestly, and make sure you don’t skip anything with a teeny red asterisk (if you do…we won’t see your submission and you won’t be entered to win the giveaway!). If you get an email from (@) then you will know your submission was accepted. 

2 randomly selected winners will win a $50 gift card to Amazon!

WHAT? Isn’t that amazing? We know. It’s amazing. You could like, totally buy things and stuff. All you need to do is fill out this survey completely. Please share this survey with your fellow wine country mama and daddy friends even if they aren’t avid readers…we’d like to get to know them too!

2017 Reader Survey

  • EX: LGBTQIA, single dad, young mom, etc.
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  • If yes, please tell us!
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    Camp guide, fitness guide, prenatal resources, date night guide, etc.

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