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The Broke Girl’s Guide to BottleRock (A How to Manual)

I love a good music festival. But I’m now at an age where I no longer know any of the artists at Coachella. What’s a girl to do? Enter BottleRock – the grownup version of Coachella. Better food, way better drinks, and a great line up year after year.

However, the fancy food, drinks, and nice artificial grass (compared to the hot dogs and dirt at Coachella) do come at a hefty price. After taxes and fees, a general admission ticket is about 400 bucks! The VIP tickets are at least $1000, and while it sounds amazing, that’s a little out of my budget. I’ve been living in Napa for almost three years and have gone to BottleRock twice. So here are my tips on how to enjoy BottleRock with as little out-of-pocket cost as possible.

1. The cheapest way to do BottleRock is to not go.

I know – that’s no fun. But if you live in Napa (or have friends that live here), you can watch all the headliners pretty easily from the stop light at Silverado Trail and 3rd. And if you’re coming from out of town and can stay with friends, hooray for no hotel fees. However, if you want to see artists on different stages other than the main stage, you need to buy a ticket.

2. Go at the end of the day.

Some people just go to the artist they want to see, then leave and give away their passes! It happens, but you have to be there and ready. Some people choose to sell at the last minute and will often sell at a discount, so watch out for those tickets as well.

3. Pre-game.

If you went ahead and paid for a pass, I recommend drinking a little before you go (if you plan to drink, that is). I went to BottleRock pregnant one year, and there are plenty of non-alcoholic options. That being said, alcoholic drinks are at least 10 bucks, which adds up. Also try to eat something before you go. You will inevitably need some food while there, so I recommend the tacos from one of the food trucks. I don’t remember which truck it was (due to said drinking), but they were tasty. 

4. Don’t forget your refillable water bottle.

They have refill stations all over the event, and you’ll need to stay hydrated to endure the three-day marathon. Also, if you’re drinking adult beverages, it’ll likely reduce your risk of a hangover. Assuming you drink enough water, that is.

5. Work it.

A lot of companies sponsor a booth at BottleRock. Maybe your employer is one of them? If you work the show, you get to enjoy the music at the same time.

BottleRock is one for the books every year. It’s a magical music festival with family-friendly options. This year, I’ll be watching from the street. But I’m open to a free ticket if anyone reading this wants me to write about it!

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