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The Sonoma Farmers’ Market: Home to Incredibly Fresh Produce

Wine Country has such incredible produce!

My son Marcos and I go to the Sonoma Farmers’ Market every Tuesday throughout the summer. It’s really exciting when the market begins, and we go especially early on the first day to take advantage of the fresh produce. Every week, we look forward to the ever-changing produce that each vendor brings to the farmers’ marketMy husband and I love the Sonoma Farmers’ Market so much that we bought a wagon from Amazon specifically for our purchases. And maybe a little bit for our son, too.

Our Sonoma Farmers’ Market Journey

Each Tuesday, as soon as Marcos sees the wagon, he climbs inside for the ride to the market. Once we arrive, our first stop is always the stone fruit lady. She gives Marcos yummy samples, and she has the freshest stone fruit I have ever tasted!

Next, we visit Hector’s Honey where we purchase honey sticks and wild flower honey for our allergies. Marcos loves to suckle on the delicious honey stick flavors and try samples of their honey.  Mr. Hector and I usually chat about the honey bees and the rising price of honey.  We’ve tried many other types of honey, and his is honestly the best we have ever tasted!

Our last stop is our local farm, The Patch.  Señor Fernando and Señor Lazaro make our experience an adventure.  As soon as we arrive at their stand, Marcos stands up in the wagon and reaches over to take one of their scrumptious tomatoes.  Both men love how Marcos immediately chomps down with delight on the tomato they’ve given him to eat.  What is most appreciated from these two men is how they each take their time to come around and talk to Marcos. When their families are present, they all come and greet us, as well. At their stand, we feel like part of The Patch family. 

We are spoiled by our fresh produce

My family (and all Sonoma residents) are truly spoiled by the incredible produce selection available to us. Growing up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, it would have been a dream come true to have this much fresh produce. Winnipeg experiences almost six months of winter each year, and as a resident for over seventeen years, the fresh produce available to me was limited.  

Now we don’t ever complain about not being able to find great food for our son.   Even during the farmers’ market off-season, all we have to do is walk or drive to our local Safeway, Whole Foods, or Sonoma Market. They all carry local, fresh produce. That being said, the most beautiful and delicious produce always comes from the Sonoma Farmers’ Market.

For the Love of Fresh Produce

I feel so lucky to live in Sonoma, where I have so many fresh produce choices. The more we attend our farmers’ market each year, the more we get to know our vendors and their families.   Not only that, but they also take the time to get to know our family. I smile each time one of our favorite vendors remembers Marcos’ name and takes the time to greet him.

If you’re wondering what to plan for your next meal, just go down to your local farmers’ market for inspiration. Pick up some fresh produce and pair it with chicken, beef, pork or fish. Add a little pasta or rice, and presto! You have a tasty meal that showcases the fresh produce from your local farmers’ market.  Additionally, you can feel great about the fact that you shopped local and helped support a small business.  

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