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Wine Country Moms Blog: New Roles for 2018

Join Our Team Community Manager Community Directors work in our Facebook groups to connect parents with each other and local resources. From recommendations for the best taco trucks to pediatricians, our community groups have 3,000 members actively supporting other local parents to find the support they need. To learn more and apply, click below. We [...]
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New Open Roles on the Wine Country Moms Blog Team

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school selfish

The Selfish Truth of Neglecting Your Neighborhood School

I live in a town that could be appropriately described as “bougie”. We have tiny homes costing $500k, locally sourced meats in our restaurants, and organic coffees in our cafes. We drink amazing local wines, have community parades, farmer’s markets, and support local artisans and businesses on Shop Local Saturday. Every school in the district […]

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How New Years Goals Can Change Your Life

How New Years Goals Can Change Your Life

2018 is almost here, and I’m sure many of us are thinking about those pesky New Years resolutions. Just typing those words makes me tense up. Over the last four years, I have honestly made zero resolutions. Mainly because life happens. Real life happens. Life gets busy, kids are always busy, and moms are always trying […]

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thank you

How a Thank You Note Made Me More Thankful

Today I received a thank you note from a woman who lost everything in the Wine Country fires. Minutes before receiving her thank you note, it struck me how tired I was and that my body was literally aching from lack of sleep. This fatigue had caused me to spend very little time with my […]

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