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Juggling the Farm: Pets, Love, Loss, and More on a Wine Country Homestead

Parenting Through Raising, and Losing, Animals Animals are a lot of work. Pretty much all of us know this. Some “practice” parenthood as a fur mom or dad before venturing into having kids. Some add them to the mix after starting a human family. Whatever experience one has with raising animals, one thing most can […]

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Adulting 101: Powerful Lessons in Action {5 Life Skills for Everyone}

On a recent visit to my sons elementary school, I overheard a teacher speaking to her class about positive versus negative comments. She explained the idea of constructive criticism. And I thought, “Wouldn’t it be amazing if adults could learn to think the same way?” Maybe we need to spend time relearning a few powerful […]

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I Daydream About Men Other than My Partner {Oh My!}

Let’s talk about a grown-up daydream for a minute. Not the middle school my-first-name-your-last-name-drawn-in-a-heart crush. But the holy-poop-I-just-dreamed-about-my-coworker type fantasy. I have always been an imaginative person. Growing up, my mind was my best companion. While the other kids would be playing a pick-up soccer game on the grass in our apartment complex, I would […]

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