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Why Should Santa Get All The Credit?

Why Should Santa Get the Credit when we Do All the Work? As our sixth family Christmas approaches, I find myself wondering this more than ever. It is overwhelming. So much to do- the lists, the letters, Christmas cards, the budgeting, shopping, planning, prepping, cooking, coordinating, cleaning, hiding, wrapping, lugging, the quick and precise quiet dance […]

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Super Soccer Mom Status: I Soccer-Fan So Hard

For the last five years, fall has signaled the start of soccer mania in our household. Shin guards, water bottles and soccer socks start appearing everywhere (although when we need them they magically disappear.) The calendar quickly fills up with practices, games, tournaments and snack duties and my OCD goes into overdrive.  We inventory available […]

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6 Gross Things Moms Do in the Name of Love

Motherhood is not for the faint of heart. It requires a certain kind of bravery and dedication to spend years washing poop (that is not your own) off of your hands. Let’s face it. Motherhood can be gross. Downright disgusting. I didn’t even realize how gross it was until recently when I met up with […]

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