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5 Innovative Ways to Break Through the Motherhood Monotony

5 Innovative Ways to Break Through the Motherhood Monotony

Today is one of those days that feels endless. It feels like hours have passed, but when you look at the clock it’s only 9:30 a.m. Which means there’s approximately 210 minutes left until you can put the kids in bed for a nap. And hope they stay there for at least twenty minutes so you can use the bathroom alone. And enjoy the simple act of walking without them dragging behind you with a death grip on your ankles. Essentially, you’re in what I call the “motherhood monotony.”

Today feels the same as all the others. You pick the same sippy cups up off the kitchen floor, to turn around and pick it all up again. You fold the same laundry and you make the same snack before wiping up the same mess.  And you’re tired. Tired of bending over, being a housekeeper, a chef, a chauffeur, and an entertainer. The days are loooooooooooooooooooooooong (and did I mention tiring?). While your kids may or may not notice that you’re on the verge of a minor mental breakdown, you know there’s something that you need to do to beat the monotony. So here are 5 creative ways to bust through the motherhood monotony and reclaim your sanity.

#1 – Listen to music.

Listen to music at high volume! And make it something you want to listen to. You might have had sunshine in your pocket the first time you listened to the Trolls soundtrack, but it’s probably not going to do you any favors today.

#2 – Go somewhere out of the ordinary.

You go to story time at the library, visit the grocery store every three days (because where in the world is all the milk going?), and preschool drop off feels like Groundhog Day. Go somewhere new. Visit a farmers market, museum, or park in a different neighborhood and find an adventure.

#3 – Do an unusual cleaning task.

Wash the curtains (which sounds weird, but it will make your whole house smell like clean laundry). Wash your car. Or get crazy and shampoo the carpets. You’ll feel productive without feeling bored walking through the same routine.

#4 – Take a bath.

A little cliché (I know), and it might take some finagling/planning. BUT IT WILL BE SO WORTH IT! Extra points for bubbles and a book. And champagne. Because taking a bath alone is worth celebrating.

#5 – Do something other than watching tv at night.

Shoot to do something creative. Listen to a podcast, color in an adult coloring book, or do both at the same time. You’ll use a different part of your brain and it will feel refreshing. You’ll also look forward to it after doing the same bedtime routine every night.

“The days are long, but the years are short.”

I trust the sweet old ladies roaming Costco stopping every young mom they see to impart this wisdom. There will be a time when the sippy cups don’t flood your kitchen drawers and spill onto the floor. Bathroom visits will start to feel lonely, and you won’t have to vacuum Cheerios out of your car. You and I both know this, but it’s hard to see when today so easily bleeds into tomorrow. So get out your loud speakers and your cleaning supplies. Bust through the motherhood monotony so you can start enjoying those long days before you’re standing on the other side of all those short years.

Do you have other ways to escape the motherhood monotony?  Please share them in the comments so everyone can see.

5 Innovative Ways to Break Through the Motherhood Monotony

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