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My Love is Something You’ll Always Know {An Ode to My Daughter}

A while back, I read a post on Facebook written by another mother about how the love her toddler daughter has for her would’t last forever. The post itself didn’t resonate with me, but the idea of it has stuck. My daughter is three, and never have I ever loved anything or anyone as much as I love her. But I know that the way she feels about me now won’t last. To a toddler, mommy is a hero, a best friend, and magical. But I know that all too soon, our relationship will change

My daughter came to my husband and I after an arduous path to parenthood: two stillborn baby boys, fertility issues, and cancer. So we turned to adoption to become parents. When our daughter was born, it felt as though our state of heartache was now a place we could visit. We no longer had to live there because we now had a home in happiness. She is the light at the end of a dark tunnel. She is my heart. 

I want to take in every moment with my daughter, and one of the ways I thought to do that was in the form of an Ode. So this is for you, my sweet girl.

Oh my sweet ginger-haired girl,
How I love to watch you dance and twirl.
You have a bonny little smile and a twinkle in your eyes,
Being your mother is like winning the biggest prize.

I wish that the way you see me now could last forever,
The snuggles, hugs, and kisses are my life’s greatest treasure.

I will miss you crawling into my bed each night,
And coming to me after you and your brother have a fight.
The way you hold my hand for comfort and safety,
Will be the memory that will always break me.

You, my sweet girl, are the light after so much darkness,
I dread the day when my greatness, in your eyes, will tarnish.

The love a daughter has for her mother is best at this age of three,
I realize now that my baby you won’t always be.
I try my best to capture every moment in a picture,
But time, she’s an evil one, and I can’t trick her.

Someday soon, you’ll grow up and become wise,
You’ll still love me of course, but I won’t be your hero, you’ll realize.

So for now, I will try to bottle up all the goodness that I can,
And be the best mom and give you all that I am.
Because loving you, being your mom, is the best thing yet,
I want to make every second count, that you can bet.

I hope one day you’ll look back on all the memories we have shared,
And know that I loved you more than words, and truly cared.

There will come a day that I will have to go,
But my hope is that my love is something you will always know.
Don’t you ever forget how strong, smart, and beautiful you are,
You’ll always be my sweet angel, my little star.

I love, love, love you, my one and only daughter,
More than all the stars in the sky, more than all the fishes in the water.

If you ever have a daughter of your own one day,
You’d better give her all the love I have given you and more, I pray.
Write to your sweet girl, an Ode such as this,
To let her know how much she means and how much you’ll miss.

Love, it changes and grows over time,
So make sure you document its importance in rhyme.
Until then, we have many days ahead,
Let’s enjoy them now, oh and it’s time for bed.

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