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Cherish Your Favorite Messy Moments

Having been a mother now for over a year, I know I need to cherish every little moment. Believe me, I try to.  I cherish some more than others though.  Moments that delight me and stand out most in my mind, are not always those perfect “Hallmark” moments.  Rather, they are the messy moments; the sticky and sometimes smelly moments that bring a smile to my face.  While they have been rough to live through, now they make me laugh. Instead of listing my favorite precious moments, I have decided to share with you my favorite messy moments.

Top 5 Messy Moments Every Mom Manages

Every Orifice Evacuation 

Days after my son was born, while we were still in the hospital getting ready to have the little celebration feast in the room, the baby started crying.  My husband went to his little hospital bed and discovered there was a downtown brown situation happening in the diaper.  While changing the diaper, he put the messy one off to the side only to discover our son was not yet done doing his solid business. As my poor husband is trying to catch the freshly released poop, the baby started kicking his feet into the old, soiled diaper. Then my newborn son decides to “water” the situation and not just with his tears.  Now we have tears, poop, and pee.  If that weren’t enough, the baby starts spitting up all over himself.  I cannot confirm if snot made an appearance as well, but it felt like we were batting a thousand on bodily fluids. We were laughing then and I am still laughing now.

tinkle time


Tinkle Time 

A few weeks after coming home with our little bundle of joy, we had settled into a pretty good routine.  My husband, ever the helpful one, took our little man into his room for a diaper change. He forgot that the shock of cold air on a wee one can make a wee one…go wee!  What made this particular phenomenon memorable was that it wasn’t a typical “golden arch” of pee. Instead it was a straight shot of pee into my newborn’s own open mouth! It was pretty hilarious.

Sweet, Sour and Sticky 

I took a shower. Ah! So nice to be fresh and clean!  I was changing the baby out of his onesie, and I thought some skin on skin feeding time would be nice. So I start breastfeeding baby in my underwear with him in his diaper.  We were having some nice bonding time, then “blurp.”  My little boy just released huge amounts of spit up all over my clean body.  He promptly re latched and continued feeding. As I was trying to wipe up my torso without disturbing my little eater, I started to feel something warm down my stomach and leg. I had neglected to check his diaper before my “special bonding moment”. It was so full that pee was now spilling from the diaper and onto me. Though I smelled sour and was very sticky, the memory is pretty silly and sweet.

Feeding Frenzies

This isn’t so much one particular time, but since my boy started eating solid foods, every meal time is an exploratory mess! I love the avocado smeared on his face with Cheerios stuck to his nose, and finding other bits of leftover food that somehow made it down his onesie and into his diaper. I love the faces he makes as he discovers a new food he likes or one he hates.  Needless to say, I love my messy dinner date.

messy dinner date

Puking Pals 

This more recent even happened when I was visiting with a friend who has 3 children including a little boy just one month older than my son. I was trying to help out by changing his diaper while she got dinner ready. He was so upset that I was taking him away from his mother.  He cried hysterically as I brought him upstairs and through the whole diaper change. Just as I finished and was bringing him back downstairs to his mother, he rage puked all over me…twice. Apparently this is a new problem in their house, him crying till he pukes.  

I called out to my friend who rushed upstairs to help clean up. She started a bath and plopped her boy in it. She went to get me new shirt while I supervised the little guys and tried to rinse my shirt in the sink.  My son was delighted by the commotion and the sound of the bath being drawn.  I was trying to clean up the floor when, “splash!”  My little one some how climbed, fully clothed, head first into the bath to join his still visibly upset friend.  The whole thing was chaos and I loved it.

What can I say?  Messy moments make for good stories!


messy moments

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