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A Letter of Gratitude From a Mom to Kindergarten Teachers

A Letter of Gratitude From a Mom to Kindergarten TeachersDuring my daughter’s year of kindergarten, I had the enjoyable privilege of being a parent volunteer in her classroom. Through my insider’s view of the goings-on in a kindergarten class, I witnessed just how much Kindergarten Teachers do for our children on a day to day basis.

Kindergarten Teachers wear many hats.

Teaching kindergarteners involves so much more than just teaching. They bandage skinned knees, hug away tears, give timeouts, listen intently, answer questions, act silly, dance, sing, cheer, tell stories, create art, and genuinely love what they do.

They have the patience of a Saint and the energy of an Olympian.

How Kindergarten Teachers remain calm in the face of 20 rambunctious five-year-olds for hours at a time has me in awe. Not to mention the energy it requires to keep up with them all day, every day! Just thinking about it makes me want to take a nap.

They make learning fun and exciting.

It’s not easy to keep the attention of 20 kindergarteners while trying to teach them addition. Kindergarten Teachers know how to make the most mundane lessons fun. Whether it’s by telling jokes, poking fun at themselves, or hands-on activities, they have a trick up their sleeve to make just about every learning situation fun and exciting.

Kindergarten Teachers know how to make each child feel important.

Kindergarteners are demanding creatures. They want all eyes on them, all the time. Kindergarten Teachers seem to have a knack for making sure every child is seen and heard just as much as (but not more than) the last one. 

A heart full of gratitude

I have gratitude for all Kindergarten Teachers, but I have a special place in my heart specifically for my daughter’s Kindergarten Teacher. I have never known a teacher to go above and beyond like he does. He’s thoughtful, kind, appreciative, warm, hard working, funny, and genuine. He helped my daughter and I through a rough patch of separation anxiety, and for that I am forever grateful!

Thank you, Kindergarten Teachers! You have positively impacted both your students and their parents more than you know.

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