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Preteen Self-Care: Helpful Tips and Natural Products to Buy

There’s a lot of advice out there about growing up and becoming an adult.

Sayings like, “it’s just a phase” and, “be true to who you are” are sprinkled on tween and teenage kids in an effort to impart wisdom – while also commiserating over how crappy adolescent life can be. I remember with agonizing clarity all the well-meaning advice I heard growing up. And how out-of-touch I considered it all to be.

Now, here I sit, watching my 10-year-old daughter playing with her girlfriends, and I struggle with how I’ll handle her tween and full-blown teen woos. For anyone rolling their eyes – those days are fast approaching!! Her girlfriends are becoming a sea of budding bodies and smelly armpits. I thank my lucky stars that my little preteen is still firmly in the odor-free club. But I’m compelled to take preemptive steps to teach my preteen self-care to help her through the beginning stages of puberty.

Preteen Self-care Routine Products 

1) Tom’s Wicked Cool! Deodorant for kids

I’m not entirely sure what scent “summer fun” is, but with no aluminum, no parabens and cute packaging, this stuff is a winner in my book.

2) Cloth panty liners

This one was an easy choice, but a big step for us. I use cloth pads and a menstrual cup, so the cloth pads were a given. But actually buying them made me feel like my daughter was much older than I was emotionally ready for. Luckily, she loved them! They come in some seriously fun patterns. You can make your own or shop etsy and help a crafty mom out. Because I’m introducing them before she actually gets her period, she’ll have the routine down and it’ll be one less dramatic change during an already confusing time. #winning!

3) Body wash and lotions

I really like Perfectly Posh’s business practices and the ingredients they use, and helping a mompreneur stay at home with her kids is an added bonus. But honestly, any body wash or lotion that you feel comfortable with will work. The idea is to increase hygiene consciousness in a fun way, while providing an alternate to the chemicals in perfumes at the same time.

4) Acne prevention and skin care

Again this one comes down to what brand you feel comfortable with. I’d recommend a Perfectly Posh (any non-exfoliating) face wash and Mary Kay’s facial moisturizer with sunscreen – simply because I like that Mary Kay doesn’t add harmful ingredients that counteract all the good you are trying to do. The main point is to create a good routine by introducing face washing. For most kids it’s just not something they do. Neither is daily sunscreen.

Hopefully these simple preteen self-care tips help you, and your tween, to deal with a rough transition. There will never be a magic step-by-step guide to surviving your kid’s preteen and teen years unscathed. but anything we can do to lessen the embarrassment, unease, and general awkwardness is a good thing!

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