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Having a Blast Throughout the Winter with Rainy Day Activities

Having a Blast Throughout the Winter with Rainy Day ActivitiesRainy Day Activities

I love snuggles and hot cocoa  on winter evenings, but I can’t stand the ever-lasting rainy afternoons. I feel like I’m suffering from cabin fever on these days. Even when it’s not rainy outside, overcast skies and slick roads keep me from venturing outside. So what are some rainy day activities that you can embrace on those mysterious, wet, and wild afternoons?

While we cannot stop Mother Nature from raining down on us from nap time until bedtime, we can still have some fun during winter break. We can’t change the weather patterns, but we can still laugh and play even when it’s dark and dreary. It’s time to create a rainy day activities game plan, and I have a few ideas and guidelines to share.

Create a List of Rainy Day Activities

Make a list of both indoor and outdoor activities, and then put them into a basket. After lunchtime/nap time, pull out the rainy day basket and have your little(s) pick out three options. Here are a few items to get your list started:

Indoor Activities:

  • Artwork – all you need is paper with lots of pens or crayons
  • Make playdough – homemade playdough is easy to make, fun to play with, and can be thrown away since it’s made from scratch. Add some fun colors for even more fun!
  • Watch a few Wild Kratts videos about winter animals. There are a couple episodes on bullfrogs and why worms come out when it rains. Both are fun to watch for your kids and you.
  • Dance party! Turn on the tunes and dance – the louder, the better.
  • Balloon challenge – blow up a few balloons and try to keep them in the air as long as possible. It’s an easy and fun activity that will have you and your kids laughing.

Outdoor Activities:

  • Puddle jumping is a must! This time-honored tradition is for adults and kids alike. Pull on those rubber boots and head outside to make a splash or two.
  • Worm counting – go outside and count those squiggly creatures as they swim down the gutters. They’re actually fun to watch and they come out in droves during the winter months!
  • Grab the umbrella and walk around the neighborhood. Feel the crisp, fresh air and relax with your little (even if it’s raining).
  • Wagon ride – if you own a wagon, sit your little(s) inside and drag them around the neighborhood. They’ll be absolutely delighted, and you’ll be happy watching them smile and giggle the entire time.

Set a Time Limit 

Set a time limit so that you can enjoy whichever activity is picked, whether your kid chooses to count worms or make playdough. It’s especially important to set a time limit in order to keep the afternoon moving along.

Beat the Blues by Being Social 

On these rainy winter days, it’s important to be social and get out of the house once in a while. Call a mom-friend and invite her over, or meet her and her kid(s) at the Children’s Museum or Rebounderz. Check out our local Regional Parks together and watch the creeks flow along. Regardless of what you do, I guarantee that it’ll cure the winter blues. 

Gear and Equipment at the Ready

Instead of being miserable while walking around in wet tennis shoes, get some boots! Cheap ones, used ones, rubber boots – whichever you prefer. Your comfort is just as important as your kid’s cute boots with the hammerhead sharks. Also, have one or two umbrellas ready by the door. Sharing an umbrella with a little one can be daunting, which turns a walk around the neighborhood into a challenge. Therefore, have your rainy day gear (like gloves, rain coats, and umbrellas) ready to go to increase the fun-factor and to decrease the misery!

Be Flexible with Rules

If a mom-friend invites you over for ice cream in the middle of the day, go! If you want to invite a mom-friend and her kiddo over for ice cream, do it! Let go of the rules a little. Your kids won’t become spoiled, unruly, or ruthless if they eat ice cream at 1 p.m. or watch another Wild Kratts episode. The goals here are to alleviate your cabin fever and have fun.

Rain or Shine

Go for the fun! If you accomplish all of your rainy day activities, create some new options with the kids’ input. Or ask them what their favorite rainy day activities on the list were and do those again. It’s important to be prepared for winter days with activities you and the kids can enjoy. So grab that cute red scarf and prepare yourself for an adventurous winter! I promise they’ll be some of the best days of your life, rain or shine.

Having a Blast Throughout the Winter with Rainy Day Activities

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