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The 5 Friends You Need to Have in Your Mom Tribe

The 5 Friends You Need to Have in Your Mom TribeYou may already have a best friend or a great family support system, but do you have a mom tribe?

Mom tribe friends see each other at Target, the grocery store, the gym, and at school drop off. We smile knowingly to each other as our child screams because they don’t want to be buckled into the shopping cart. We comment on each other’s Facebook posts with things like, “I’ve been there!” and “Don’t worry, it’s just a phase.” Mom tribe friends need each other to bounce ideas off of, to commiserate over struggles, and to feel connected. We’re already members of the tribe called motherhood, but what we each really need is a mom tribe of our own.

We all have certain friends that fulfill a specific need for us, and each one of those friends balances us out. And having a mom tribe serves as a reminder that we’re an individual outside of motherhood. So, I created this list of the five friends that every mom should have in her mom tribe.

1. The Forever Friend

This friendship goes way back. She knew you before you knew who you were. This friend knows who you once were, reminds you of how far you’ve come, and tells you how you got to be you today. She has a knack for making you feel nostalgic, has an arsenal of mortifying stories, and feels like family. You can go for weeks without talking to this friend without guilt, and then pick up right where you left off without missing a beat.

2. The Package Deal Friend

She has kids similar in age to yours, and your partner is friends with her partner. You can hang solo, have playdates with the kids, or enjoy family BBQs. You have a group text thread where you all poke fun at each other, date nights are always in order, and planning a joint vacation is never out of the question.

3. The Co-Parent Friend

She doesn’t mind that you put her child on a timeout, and she’s comfortable disciplining yours. Her littles don’t annoy you, you love them like your own, and the feeling is mutual. Taking your kids to the zoo or the children’s museum is a breeze with this friend because you know she’s got your back (and you’ve got hers). You two are constantly bouncing parenting challenges off of each other and discussing those challenges. You’re not afraid to share concerns about your kids because you know she won’t judge you. You can drop a kid off with her last minute when you’re in need and she knows that you’re always able to reciprocate.

4. The Every-So-Often Friend

You two are always texting one another, but you don’t often get together. She has kids like you, and you always comment on each other’s social media posts or share a laugh over a hilarious meme. When you actually do get together, afterwards you think to yourself, “I should really hang out with her again soon.”

5. The Mom Friend from Your Child’s School

Morning drop-off is actually something to look forward to when you know that this momma is going to be there. You both arrive with coffee in hand, lock eyes across the blacktop, and huddle to share a quick gab sesh. Your kids like each other, so it’s only natural that you like her too, right? If you are ever running late to pick your kid up from school, this momma has your back. And a last-minute playdate or a mom’s night out is always in order with this chick.

Building Your Mom Tribe

There are many more types of mom tribe friends out there, but these five are the core of a great mom tribe. You may not have all of these, but hopefully you have at least one of these friends. It also leads you to consider what type of friend you are to your mom tribe friends. Do you play the same role to them as they play for you?

One thing’s for sure – you deserve someone in your corner who allows you to be you.

Whether it’s a quick chat on FaceTime or hanging out while your kids play, time with a friend is essential. Take the time to reach out to one of your friends today. After all, the Rose to your Dorothy is closer than you may think, so nourish your mom tribe today.

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