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Help Wine Country: Resources for Donations and Volunteering

help wine countryIgnore the National Narrative: Wine Country Needs Your Help

Okay, this might sound a little salty, but it has to be said: if you are hearing that wine country is a place full of wealthy individuals who don’t need your assistance, that’s wrong.



Some Facts to Correct the Misinformation (Spreading Like Wildfire)

  • Hundreds are still missing (200+ in Sonoma County, 70+ in Napa). The local Search and Rescue team is a non-profit private agency that is doing the unbearable work of recovery.
  • Many displaced families are working-class renters. (Of the schools near Coffey Park, 30-48% of students classify as low-income.)
  • These families ran away from a fire blowing so fast and furious, that they’ve estimated gusts of wind were pushing the fire forward at rates exceeding 80 miles an hour.
    1. The “lucky” escaped with their lives, and the clothes on their backs.
    2. The fire burned so hot, that the metal in cars melted into their driveways.
    3. There is nothing to recover from their homes. NOTHING. 

Sonoma County, north of San Francisco, suffered the most damage, with 22 people confirmed dead and more than 200 reported missing. The fires have destroyed nearly 3,000 homes and caused $1.2 billion in damage in Santa Rosa, the county seat and gateway to the wine tourism industry.- Washington Post 

Hundreds are still missing. Statewide, an estimated 5,700 structures have been destroyed, including whole neighborhoods reduced to smoldering rubble. Nearly 100,000 people have been displaced, officials said.- Washington Post

How can I help wine country?

This is a question we are getting a lot, because our national and local communities are filled with helpers. With that in mind, here are some ways to give:


This is the quickest and most impactful way to make a difference in our neighborhoods.

  1. Redwood Credit Union: One hundred percent of tax deductible donations will aid fire victims and relief efforts. We say FIRST give HERE. We trust them. They stepped up during the Valley Fire, and are our neighbors. GIVE NOW
  2. Napa Valley Community Foundation helps families impacted in the Napa Valley. GIVE NOW
  3. Graton Day Labor is taking care of local day-labor families. GIVE NOW
  4. Sonoma County Resilience Fund. GIVE NOW
  5. United Way of Wine Country. GIVE NOW
  6. Redwood Empire Food Bank. GIVE NOW
  7. Our local Volunteer Center is looking for monetary donations as well: GIVE NOW
  8. To help Search and Rescue. GIVE NOW


  1. This Google Doc is regularly updated with needs coming from the community. Find a donation/evacuation center near you and give! GIVE NOW

VOLUNTEERING IN THE COMMUNITY (Click on Name of to Volunteer)

  1. Volunteer Center of Sonoma County
  2. Emergency Volunteer Info for Marin and Napa
  3. Epicenter (near Coffey Park)
  4. Petaluma Evacuation Medical Center-Medical Professional Sign Ups
  5. Petaluma Volunteer Sheet
  6. New Life Christian Center Petaluma
  7. Elsie Allen High School
  8. Emergency Shelter Novato
  9. Redwood Empire Food Bank
  10. Red Cross
  11. Salvation Army
  12. Quest Church Novato
  13. San Geronimo Valley Community Center
  14. Healers, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors


Displaced Families and those looking for assistance or information should go here.

More information on this continually updated google doc.

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