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Moving Away from Wine Country: Goodbyes Are Hard

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The only place I have ever considered home is Sonoma County, Santa Rosa California. I consider myself to be HELLA Californian.   San Francisco, Bodega Bay, Howarth Park, Mexican Food Trucks, Drives through Napa and Sonoma, The Tides Wharf…. I could go on and on about ALL the things I HELLA love about  The Wine Country and California!

I have always thought I would maybe leave California when I retired MAYBE …. But you’ve heard that saying, “Life Happens”?

Well life has happened, and by the time you read this I will be a resident of North Carolina…. Yes, you read that right. Life happened in a GOOD way. Even though leaving  my home, Santa Rosa, was bittersweet, it was indeed the right choice for my family.

Making the choice to move away from family (and friends you consider family) is NOT easy. It took lots of prayers, pros and cons lists, talks and even some heated arguments.  I am a firm believer that God’s timing is perfect. This will be my second major leap of faith in the last five years. (The other was making a career change after 18 years) That first leap worked out very nicely and I am sure this move will as well. I am looking forward to living close to my husband’s family, experiencing the southern Friday night lights (football) good food and creating new memories.

Saying our “See you laters” (I do not do goodbyes) has been tough. It is always hard to do. I have done the ugly cry, lump in your throat cry, the laughing cry because you just cannot understand how you can have more tears or you cannot understand why you all are still crying.

One of my toughest, “see you laters” was with a young lady I met when she was 11 or 12 and she was a cheerleader in a youth league I coached for.  This young lady coached cheer with many all these years later and she was my daughter’s all star cheerleading coach. 

 When I told her I was moving, she immediately started crying… I mean a REAL cry, and I was thinking, “Is she going to miss my child not being on her team that much?!” Then started to tell me how much I meant to her. That is when I completely lost it.   Tears and snot running all down my face.  Watching so many young folks here in Santa Rosa grow up to become awesome young adults has made my heart smile.  I am grateful for every family member, every friend, coworkers, church groups, PTA parents, teachers, and my Wine Country Blog writing tribe that I have walked along side with here in Santa Rosa. You have all made my life better.

Thankfully social media will allow me  be in touch with so many folks.   I will still be a writer for Wine Country Moms Blog 😊

I hope to be able to share some HELLA funny adventures with y’all!

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