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About Our Affiliate Links

Hey there! You’re here because you have some questions about how our affiliate links work. We are really invested in transparency so we’d like to answer the most frequently asked questions here:

What do you mean when you say, “This post contains affiliate links”?

We mean, simply, that the post you’re looking at contains links to items at a store that we are “affiliated” with. Our three most common affiliate partners are: Target, Amazon, and Shop Style, although we will use others from time to time. We choose to partner with brands we already love to provide you curated shopping lists from people on our team. 

What Happens if I click on a link in your post?

A couple things happen: the affiliated brand will record the click and gives us some points or coins. Most of the time our affiliate links pay us even if you don’t purchase anything. That said, we must ask that you not arbitrarily click on images (even though we appreciate the support!) for two reasons:

  1. We really do want to see what is resonating with you as a reader. While we don’t get specific demographics, we often do have access to see how many people have clicked on a specific link. This helps us know what is resonating with our readers, and that matters to us!
  2. Affiliate partners are VERY strict about manipulative tactics. We want to respect their rules so we can keep providing you with interesting and gorgeous finds. 

How much am I charged if I purchase something through a link on your site?

Nothing. Nada. Zilch. The affiliate partner pays us a sort of, “marketing finders fee,” if you purchase something through our site. BUT, that marketing fee is not passed on to you. (We have personally tested this by clicking one of our links and then searching for the same item at the same store at the same time. The price will be the same, the only difference is that if someone uses our affiliate link we get a little something too.)

Why do you use affiliates at all? It seems cheesy.

We totally get it, you feel like you’re being sold something all the time these days. At Wine Country Moms Blog we take pride in the fact that more than 90% of our content is organic and not sponsored in any way.  Although affiliate links are hardly going to help our team afford matching Corvettes, they DO help us continue to provide fantastic organic content and support local businesses. When we do create content around affiliate links, we strive to make sure it matches both our brand aesthetic and personal recommendations. We will not ever recommend something we don’t personally own, like, or think our readers would love. That said, we are a small, woman owned, local business, and we personally think it’s great that it’s so easy to support small businesses we love, by buying products they recommend, through their affiliate channels. 

What if I don’t like anything you recommended?

That’s okay! We know our style or tastes won’t always align and we don’t want you to ever feel pressured to click on or buy anything we recommend.