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Spice Up Your Life {Spice Girls Lyrics Through the Lens of Parenthood}

When I was a freshman in high school, I became obsessed with The Spice Girls.  I listened to their music nonstop.  I learned the dances to their songs by watching their concerts on VHS every day.  Their Spice World movie posters hung proudly on my bedroom wall.  I convinced my project partner to do a presentation on The Spice Girls for our Appreciation of the Arts class, despite the fact that she really didn’t like The Spice Girls.  At the age of thirteen, I was a self-proclaimed Spice Boy and I couldn’t get enough of them.

Let’s be real – I’m now 34 and I still love The Spice Girls.  I listen to their music all the time, and I even have a dedicated Spice Girls workout playlist.  Even though it’s been years since I’ve watched Spice World, I’m confident I could recite it verbatim with minimal mistakes.  Their song lyrics are relatable, and since becoming a parent, their lyrics resonate with me on a deeper level.  I find parental advice in many of their songs.  Some of it is truly wise, while some is very (to steal a British word) cheeky.  Here’s what I mean:


“Now don’t go wasting my precious time,
Get your act together we could be just fine.”

As a parent, I truly believe that the most precious commodity I have is time.  Despite my best efforts to plan accordingly each day, time always seems to slip through my fingers.  Whether it’s a snuggle with my daughter or getting chores done before she wakes up from her nap, I am always wanting more time.  And when my daughter decides to throw a tantrum over *insert ridiculous reason here*, this lyric is especially appropriate.


“Back then I didn’t know why,
Why you were misunderstood.
So now I see through your eyes,
All that you did was love.”

If this isn’t the epitome of parental wisdom, I don’t know what is!  As children, we are so critical of our parents, always questioning their actions and decisions.  As parents, we suddenly understand so much more about what it means to be a parent.  Usually, being a parent means that you’re making decisions based upon love and keeping your child(ren) safe, not being popular.  Of course, there are nights when you decide that ice cream for dinner is best for all parties involved, especially your sanity.  For the most part, though, our parenting decisions come from a place of love.

Who Do You Think You Are?

“I said who do you think you are?
I said who, some kind of superstar?”

Since my daughter turned two, this lyric has become highly suitable in my parenting life.  She believes that screaming, shouting, and throwing things will result in her every wish and desire coming to fruition.  It’s like she’s channeling Kristen Wiig’s character Annie in Bridesmaids during her freak out at Lillian’s engagement shower.  Amidst the papers, food, and water strewn about the floor, I simply wonder who she thinks she is and how she believes that this will result in her demands being met.  Never a dull moment with a toddler!

Spice Up Your Life

“When you’re feeling sad and low,
We will take you where you gotta go.
Smilin’, dancing’, everything is free.
All you need is positivity.”

I imagine that these lyrics are either the television or a bottle of wine talking to me.  Some evenings, my time to unwind and relax is filled with episodes of Will & Grace or baking competition shows.  Other evenings, the comfort of relaxation comes from a few glasses of red wine.  Regardless, both options take me to a place filled with smiles and positivity (and sometimes dancing if it’s the wine talking).

Saturday Night Divas

“Keep your head up high.
Don’t you know you are the superfly,
And that ain’t no lie.”

Dude.  These words need to be on constant repeat in the head of every single parent!  Being a parent is mentally, physically, and emotionally taxing, if not exhausting.  Rarely do we hear the words, “You are an amazing parent” from anyone.  You begin to doubt your parenting abilities and choices, especially when strangers give you unsolicited “advice” (sidebar – why does this always happen when you’re on the brink of an emotional breakdown and dressed in your sweats at the grocery store?).  We are all just trying to do the best that we can as parents.  So, when you’re having a less-than-stellar day on this parenting roller coaster, know that you are still superfly!

2 Become 1

“I need some love like I never needed love before
(Wanna make love to ya, baby)
I had a little love, now I’m back for more
(Wanna make love to ya, baby)”

Ok, so these lyrics aren’t wise or earth-shattering.  However, they are universal – we all need the emotional connection and stimulation of physical intimacy with our partner.  It’s definitely difficult to find time for this as a parent.  However, the benefits of sex are numerous and necessary to maintain a healthy and fulfilling relationship.  It provides stress relief and exercise, as well as improving sleep and lowering blood pressure.  Plus, it’s really fun!

Are there any other Spice Girls lyrics that you believe accurately depict aspects of parenthood?  Let me know!

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