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Rock Father’s Day with the Perfect Gift {2018 Father’s Day Gift Guide}

Sooo Father’s Day is coming soon, are you ready? We have a great list of gifts for you if you’re stuck on what to get your main squeeze and grandpa. Our gifts range in price to accommodate every Father’s Day budget. And our expert gift-picker today is my very own husband helped me with all these recommendations, because no one knows dads better than a dad!

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Gifts for the Handy Dad

If your husband or dad are anything like mine, you’re often finding them working on one project or another. My husband loves the following picks:

1. An impact driver: he recommends Makita or Dewalt.  If your hubs is just getting into handy-work, this is a must have!

2. Tool Cart: Our tool cart gets a lot of use, and makes home-based projects a lot more organized (amen).

3. Leatherman Multi-Tool: This is an excellent multi-tool product that your husband would definitely appreciate you splurging on (so he doesn’t have to do it himself).

4. (and .5) Custom engraved shop tools: We love these sweet additions to a growing tool kit!

6.  Best Handyman Ever Shirt: If your man is already up to date on all the shop supplies, consider this sweet etsy shirt that gives him credit for all his hard. 

7. Engraved Multi-tool: this multi-tool is a great functional option that is more affordable than the Leatherman and can be engraved. 

Gifts for the Dad Who Loves Wine & Craft Beer

We love these great options for the beer or wine geek in your home. 

Reclaimed Wood Wine and Food Serving Tray: We love this tray for wine tasting and backyard dinner parties.

Wine (or beer) fridge: If you’re at the point where you’ve joined a few wine clubs, it’s time for you to buy a wine fridge so you can store all that delicious goodness at the proper temp. We like this one from Costco because it has a good amount of storage for the price.

Craft Beer Bear: Nothing says, “California beer dad” like a bear holding a beer, amirite?

Beer Growler Cooler: If your hubby likes the local craft beers as much as mine, he will love a custom monogrammed growler cooler.

DIY Beer Kits: If you guy is looking to try to make his own, we like these two brand options. There are definitely more expensive options on the market, but this is a great first step!

Gifts for the King of the Backyard

My husband is a big fan of backyard activities so this was an easy list! 

Bocce Ball Set: While there are bocce ball courts around town (Landmark in Dry Creek, Juilliard Park, and the main park in St. Helena to name a few), you don’t need a formal court to have a good time with Bocce Ball!

Extra Large Jenga: Guaranteed to be family fun for everyone, a giant Jenga set that is made for sunny backyard play. 

Pizza Stone: We use ours on our grill for great grilled pizza with smokey flavor. 

Cornhole: Our cornhole game is an absolute boredom buster and offers hours of entertainment. 

Salt Plank: This salt plank is for the master griller!

Weber Smoker: My husband has been eyeing a few smokers pretty seriously for a while, and I just love the narrow profile of this one.

Gifts for the Movie Buff

If you’re married to a movie buff or series fanatic, you know how well these gifts will go over!

Pocket sized movie projector: this is not the movie projector from our childhood! This little guy can showcase his favorite movies anywhere he goes. 

Shirts and Sweaters representing: Top Gun, Star Wars, and Karate Kid. Need we say more?

Star Wars Quote Sign: “I Love You”/”I Know” is the perfect art addition for the couple who loves jedis and princesses.

Gifts for the Bay Area Sports Fan

We can’t forget about the sports dads! If your guy has a favorite team but no gear, now is a great time to get him some representation! And if he DOES have a lot of gear, consider getting him something that is player specific.

Gifts for the Sentimental Dad

If your guy is the kind who prefers something with a more personal touch consider one of these options:

Wood Watch with Custom Engraving: My husband loves this wood watch from Etsy.

Matching Moon Shirts: Mom and daughter sets have nothing on this sweet ensemble!

Engraved Guitar Pick: I’m unsure how this metal pick would sound, but it’s a sweet touch, and something dad could easily keep in his pocket for good luck. <3

Custom Gift Box for Dads: Because they shouldn’t just be for moms!

► 1 6oz BIG soap 
► 1 lip balm your choice (recommend bourbon) 
► 1-2oz Wild Wood cream deodorant 
► 1-complemantary handmade matchbook
► 1 Man Cave Candle in Tobacco and Bay Leaf (8oz)

Paper Bear Mug: Annnd we’re back to bears, but this one is riding a tricycle so it’s basically the best thing ever. 

Custom Wood Constellation Map: Features special birthdays or occasions with a glimpse of what the sky looked like that day. 

The links are affiliate, which means if you purchase through them, we get a commission. Our opinions and referrals are our own.

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