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How to Celebrate Earth Day as a Family for One Week

April 22nd is globally becoming known as the day we celebrate Earth Day.

Events are held worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Earth Day events include political marches, gathering signatures on petitions, asking for positive change in how we treat our environment, beach clean ups, and announcements for sustainable measures. And sometimes, all it takes is one person to make a change for the better.

Let’s Change How We Celebrate Earth Day

My fellow parent friends and I have spent hours planning Earth Day activities for the kids. We talked to our kids about Earth Day and why these activities are important. We then planned and scheduled activities that could be completed by a wide age range of children. Sometimes the activities went perfectly according the plan, while other times the activities were a complete parent fail.

So this year, rather than planning Earth Day activities for the kids, we are going to dedicate a week to giving back to the environment. After all, the kids are always watching us, so let’s lead by example and teach them a thing or two about conservation and caring for our planet in the process.

Celebrate Earth Week with 7 Activities

SUNDAY = Prepare

The theme for Earth Day 2018 will be End Plastic Pollution. So get ready for the week ahead and collect all the reusable bags laying around the house.  Store them in the trunk (I like to leave a couple in my passenger seat as a reminder). That way the next time you go to the store you are not tempted to grab a plastic bag or buy even more paper/reusable bags. Recycle or reuse, but do not waste! 

MONDAY = Meatless Monday

Join the Meatless Monday movement and help reduce the man-made greenhouse gas emissions. Cook with one of the many tasty meat substitutes or try a full plate of locally grown veggies. Or if you want to eat out, simply go to and find your nearest vegetarian, vegan, or veg-friendly restaurant. Let us know what you are eating by tagging @WineCountryMoms on Instagram. 

TUESDAY = Create a Recycling Station

Get four large bins or buckets (the local dollar store often has suitable ones) and label them “Paper”, “Glass”, “Metal”. and “Plastic”. Ask the kids to draw pictures to decorate the bins. You can all learn about recycling, as well as all the different materials your family uses during the week. Keep the decorated bins or buckets in the garage (or somewhere the family passes by daily). This will quickly help recycling become second nature to everyone in the house. 

WEDNESDAY = Switch Off

Hump day can be difficult to tackle (so close to the weekend, yet still kind of far). So take it easy and remind everyone the importance of switching off the lights and turning off the water faucets. If the family doesn’t listen to gentle reminders, then do what my Uncle did and remove one of the lightbulbs in the most occupied room. It may be darker in the family room or kitchen, but it’ll get your message across.

THURSDAY = Endangered Species Education

As a family, log onto and look at the list of animals that are endangered or are classified as currently vulnerable. Read up on one of these animals and create a fact sheet on that animal. Discuss what your family can do to help save the animal, or brainstorm ideas to bring awareness to this issue so the list doesn’t become longer. 

FRIDAY = Earth Day Post

Relax, enjoy a little down time, and easily celebrate Earth Day. Find a post about Earth Day (either explaining what Earth Day is or an idea for an activity) and share it on social media.

SATURDAY = Plant a Family Tree (or Other Plant)

Go outside to your yard and plant a tree as a family. Teach the kids how to plant a tree and let them get messy by joining in the green thumb fun. Don’t have space or a backyard large enough to plant a tree? Start small with a potted plant and explain to the kids how you pick seeds for plants/flowers based on the season. You could even start your own small windowsill herb garden! The possibilities are endless. 


Remember – we share one planet, so let’s do all we can to keep it a little longer. What will you do this year to celebrate Earth Day?

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