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DIY Advent Calendar (with Free Printable)

December: the one time of year when chocolate is acceptable at any time of day. One of my favorite memories of the holiday season is of my brother and I getting our advent calendars.  We would eagerly open a window each morning, thrilling at having chocolate before breakfast and counting down the dwindling days before Christmas! In that spirit, I decided that this year I need to start an advent calendar tradition with my sweet family (minus the chocolate). And, as always, my creative boondoggle is your simplified DIY project. 

So, let’s get DIYing. 

This DIY Advent Calendar doesn’t come with chocolates, but is super easy to customize in any way you choose. To start, download this free printable advent calendar and print it out. 


Next, cut out all the dates.


Now get crazy. Use your imagination for how to use these tags. Here is what I did:

advent-calendar advent-calendar finished advent calendar

Hate these tags or easy projects? I get it. I like to make life complicated too, sometimes. Click here, here and here, for some truly complicated DIY inspiration. 

Now that you are done creating the calendar, its time to decide what memories to make each year.

I decided that I wanted my kids’ advent calendar to be a mixture of special treats, special Christmastime-only items, gifts, and, most importantly, acts of service that celebrate the season. Here is what I came up with to get your brainstorming started (please forgive the excessive exclamation points):


  1. Do something loving and kind for a friend today. Report back at dinner.
  2. Christmas is a time to be cozy – break out the Christmas blankets! (Note: We are a blanket obsessed house. I just ordered these special custom-made Christmas blankets, pictured above) from Just Jules Sewing on Etsy. I LOVE them.) 
  3. Let’s make festive hot chocolate!
  4. Open up some Christmas JAMMIES! (Find my favorites here)
  5. Popcorn and a Christmas movie tonight!
  6. Let’s make a treat to take to our neighbors. Shhhh, its a surprise!
  7. Reindeer pancakes for breakfast
  8. Let’s make Dad hang the Christmas lights today!
  9. Let’s make bird ornaments and decorate a tree in the neighborhood!
  10. Caroling from room to room
  11. Let’s get our Christmas tree and decorate it today!
  12. Let’s put up the Christmas decorations in your room and our house!
  13. Do something kind for a stranger today (with Mom or Dad, please). 
  14. Let’s write a letter to Santa!
  15. Unwrap me (hint: its a Christmas book)!
  16. Let’s get crafty and make a new decoration for the tree!
  17. Let’s take a drive and look at Christmas lights!
  18. Let’s pick out some toys to give to a family in need!
  19. Pick out a gift to give to Koa (our dog) on Christmas morning.
  20. Christmas scavenger hunt!
  21. Pick out a funny gift and a thoughtful gift to give your brother on Christmas. 
  22. Let’s make cookies for Santa!
  23. Let’s make treats for the reindeer!
  24. Let’s make cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning and open one present!
  25. Let’s spend our day being grateful for one another and our many blessings. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and enjoy making your own advent calendar tradition. Tag us on Instagram when you make and share your own!



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