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Fun + Silly Family Halloween Costume Ideas for 2017

DIY Family Halloween Costume Ideas

Are you looking for fun and fabulous family Halloween costume ideas? Well look no further! Our blogging team combined their creative juices to come up with some perfect costume ideas for you and your littles. All these ideas are, of course, wine country themed. If you love this and want more ideas for Halloween that celebrate our local community, please check out our 2016 Family Halloween Costume Ideas!

About the location: What better place to take our annual Halloween costume photo shoot than in front of the most iconic mansions in Wine Country? We love Mableton Manor, as did the filmmakers from Pollyanna


Hot Air Balloons

Nothing brings to mind the gorgeous serenity of wine country quite like a the infamous hot air balloons that troll our skies. If you’re local, you’re probably driving by many taking off and landing on your way to school and back every day. Why not throw this adorable costume together? Directions HERE

“The Birds”

Speaking of things that fly, how about a fun costume from the iconic movie, The Birds, filmed here in Wine Country? This works especially well if one of your children loves to terrorize another…kidding! But seriously, how cute is this costume idea?! Better check out the instructions HERE.

Grape Clusters

We are wine country, right? Our good mama from Sonoma, made these costumes and then realized she was dressed up as a California Raisin as a child! We just love our grapes, in any form. Check out the adorable costume instructions HERE.

General and Francisca Vallejo

Do you have local pride? We do! Celebrate the heritage of our community with these adorable costumes. Find directions HERE and HERE.

Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the Great Pumpkin

We love us some Peanuts! Charles Schulz made his home here, and we celebrate our favorite comic book characters in a multitude of ways, year round. Why not jump into the local pride with your own Peanuts gang? Instructions for Charlie Brown HERE and Instructions for Snoopy and the Great Pumpkin, HERE

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