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Operation Handmade Gifts: DIY Infinity Scarf

Once October hits, I start listening to Frank Sinatra Holiday on Pandora.  I just can’t help myself and I won’t apologize.  I burn apple cinnamon candles, have fires in the fireplace and check in on the Reindeer Cam.  It’s a slippery slope and once I’m on it, there is no going back.  

The one thing I’m not so quick about however, is the planning and buying of gifts.  Enter my sewing machine.  It can whip up gifts faster than Amazon Prime.  I’m no professional, but I can sew a semi-straight stitch and I have a stash of fabric (thank you JoAnn’s coupons).  

Right now I’m obsessed with flannel plaid prints, aren’t you?  So many fun colors and styles, you can’t go wrong.  Add the plaid to an infinity scarf and you’ve got perfection.  Use a 50% off coupon and you can get your fabric for under ten bucks, #winwin.  

This DIY project is super simple and totally appropriate for a beginner, all you need is one yard of fabric with coordinating thread, about 20 minutes and a sewing machine.  

There is something so special about handmade gifts, knowing that someone has created a one of a kind treasure just for you.  And remember, imperfections are acceptable when something is handmade, so no worries!


  • One yard of flannel fabric (plaid or another print),
  • a coordinating thread color that will blend in,
  • sewing scissors,
  • pins,
  • sewing machine.


Step 1:

Trim the selvage ends. Lay out your yard of fabric and cut in half, width-wise (hot dog style). Match up both pieces of fabric with the right sides (the side of the fabric that you want to show) facing in and pin across the top in preparation to sew a straight line across.  After you sew across, you’ll open up the two pieces and have one long piece.


Step 2:

Open up the pieces to create one long piece, then fold that long piece in half on top of itself, pinning on the opposite side of the fold, still with the right sides facing in. This will look like a “tube.” Sew up the entire length using a straight stitch all the way across. I also like to do a backstitch on the beginning and end sections to give it more durability.



Step 3:

After you’ve sewn down the length of the tube, take out the pins, and pull the fabric out so that it is now facing right sides out.


Step 4:

Lay out the tube flat, then take the two ends and fold them in to create a neat edge, then tuck one inside the other and pin to create one big loop.


Step 5:

Sew the edge using a straight stitch, and then go over it again using a zig zag stitch to ensure that the edges are flat. You can sew straight across, you don’t need to turn it as you go, just make sure that both sides are secure and that there are no little gaps.


Step 6:

With the seam in the back, loop your scarf twice and look how cute you are! Adjust the fabric if you want something more lightweight, like knit or jersey.  If you want a bulkier look, start with one and a half yards of fabric.  I’ve even made kid sized scarves using less, imagine the possibilities (mommy and me matching scarves)! If you try out this DIY, please post your adorable results below for all to admire! Happy sewing, friends.


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