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Thanksgiving Kids Crafts: DIY Autumn Leaves Wall Decor

Thanksgiving Kids Crafts: DIY Autumn Leaves Wall Decor

Fall is in full-swing. Autumn leaves are falling, my blanket scarves are out of storage, and I’ve begun planning the Thanksgiving menu (Ok, let’s be real… so far, I know we’ll be having turkey!)

We moved into our house earlier this year and I’ve been ever-so-slowly trying to decorate and add life to our blank walls. Thanksgiving is a time to gather together with family and friends, to share our love for one another, and to be grateful for our blessings. So I thought, what better way to celebrate family than to create a gallery wall of art made by my kids. 

What You Need

  • Free printable Fall Leaves coloring pages (Older kids can draw their own leaves)

  • Construction paper in Fall colors

  • Crayons, markers, and/or colored pencils 

  • Scissors

  • Glue stick

  • Picture frames (I used four 11 x 14 black picture frames)

Step 1: Color Fall leaves

Let your children’s creativity soar! Older kids can draw and color their own leaves. Or you can make it into a group activity where the older kids sketch the leaves for their younger siblings to color. 


Step 2: Cut out the leaves

Younger children may need a parent’s help. If you are the lucky parent cutting the leaves out, this is probably the least fun part of the project (might as well grab a glass of wine before your embark on this task.) But if you have a preschooler learning to use scissors, they’ll be busy for HOURS!

Colored autumn leaves

Step 3: Glue the leaves on the construction paper

My daughter chose pink, red, orange, and yellow colored paper for the background. Kids can create a design with the leaves or simply scatter them on the paper like a mosaic. 

Step 4: Frame them and hang your children’s masterpieces up on your walls for everyone to enjoy!

I used four 11 x 14 black frames and placed them above our buffet table in the dining room. Your guests will be impressed and your kids will beam with pride. This is an easy project that’s sure to make a statement this holiday season. 


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One Response to Thanksgiving Kids Crafts: DIY Autumn Leaves Wall Decor

  1. maria calo November 17, 2016 at 8:43 pm #

    i’ve worked with the Robys here in modesto, ca and they (ahem dr. j roby) are good hearted, down to earth people. i love this blog dr. cat roby. i surely will try doing this with my twins. thank you.