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Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Wine Country Kids

Halloween is almost here, and if you’re anything like me, you’re about two seconds from grabbing some generic costume from Target during your lunch break. But, before you do that, let me show you some quick and super easy, ADORABLE costumes that are perfect for your wine country kiddo. We threw these costumes together in less than two days (no joke!) and got almost all of the supplies from Target, just not the costume section.

Wine Country Themed Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

Linus and the Great Pumpkin


What’s more Sonoma, than a little Charles Schulz? These two make an adorable pair. Grab an orange tutu (or make this no-sew one), an orange shirt, and a green bow for the Great Pumpkin. For Linus, a blue blanket, a sign, and a striped shirt will work! Easy Peasy.

Amy G and a Giant Fan!


North Bay loves the Giants, and we especially love our Petaluman the Sidleline Reporter, Amy G. Besides her killer interviews from the best dug-out in baseball nine months out of the year, she’s also a mom and an author! Her costume: Grab some skinny jeans, a blazer, her book and a microphone. Your kid will be sure to get more than a few high fives trick or treating in Giants territory! Giants fans are equally easy, and great for the kid who really isn’t interested in dressing up! Grab a Giants jersey (from your closet, let’s be real) and go with it!

Clo the Cow


cloveradIf you grew up in Sonoma, you probably delighted at the ever-changing Clover Stornetta Billboard along 101. Whether she recommended you “Tip Clo through Two Lips” or implored you to enjoy the fine music of “Moozart,” Clo is a north bay staple.


And great news, her costume is CRAZY easy! Clo is simple because she’s no fan of big black spots so just grab a white t-shirt (and pants if you want, but since Clo is a fan of fashion, you can stick to the jeans in your closet) some green felt cut into a clover, and then finish with her gigantic ears. We used white felt, cut out bunny shaped ears and glued them facing down on a headband. We finished the look with black mittens, for her hooves. If anyone asks who your kid is for Halloween you will know that they aren’t from here and you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life, anyway.

Wild Turkey and Red-Tailed Hawk


While we grant that these animals aren’t solely from our region, they are part of an ever present aspect of the magical semi-wild lifestyle in Sonoma County. Whether a flock of turkeys interrupt your drive to waddle across the road, or you spend the afternoon Hawk Spotting in the Petaluma hills, your children are always delighted. 


SO. STINKING. CUTE. The costumes are easy to make too! We bought 24 month onesies in brown, on Amazon, a few felt squares from Michael’s and some tulle from Joanne’s for the turkey tail. Directions to make feathers for the wings can be found here.

Redwood Tree


Who doesn’t want to be a majestic Redwood Tree? To assemble, grab some dark green felt at Michael’s, and two men’s shirts in green. Slice those suckers up to the neckline, hot-glue a triangle hat, and pair with some brown leggings or pants. 

Lil’ IGer in the Grapevines



No list of DIY costumes for wine country kids would be complete without a shout-out to our nom de plume, grapevines. This is a great group costume, and also great for the kid who really isn’t into dressing up this year (terrible two’s or tweens, you pick). 


To assemble the grapevine costumes, grab some brown leggings and men’s green (or brown), long sleeve t-shirts. Pair with brown boots. Stitch or hot-glue some faux vines (found at Michael’s for a steal!) and some grapes-also at Michael’s.


Add a  headband hot-glued with plastic grapes and leaves as well.


 This little Instagramer, escaped her tech job in SF for some weekend wine tasting and selfies with grapes. She’s all #messyhairdontcare and #weekendgoals this Halloween! The “Lil’ IGer” costume is super easy. We drew an Instagram symbol in black sharpie on a white shirt, grabbed some skinny jeans, hipster boots, and a thick bohemian cardigan. Bonus points for a selfie-stick.

We hope you loved our little take on wine country kids, DIY costumes! Even though Halloween is around the corner, there’s plenty of time to toss together these great costumes for your kiddos.



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