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10 Brilliant Beach Hacks Every West Coast Mom Needs This Summer

Summer is officially here and when you live near the coast, it’s only natural to gravitate towards the beach. As fun as that sounds, lets face it, the beach is messy! You can end up with sand in your car until Christmas, a water-logged phone, and bored kids. Here are my 10 favorite beach hacks to make your next trip enjoyable for everyone! 

1. Baby powder to combat sticky sand

Who would have thought that baby powder would be so handy in combating sandy hands and feet? Sprinkle liberally and it absorbs the moisture from the skin, causing the sand to brush right off. This one is by far my favorite, and works for stubborn sandbox sand too!

2. Fitted sheet for a sand-free blanket

Bring a large fitted sheet and place your coolers and bags at the corners to create an elastic wall. Now you’re set with a sand-free area for little ones to play and eat snacks.

3. Protect your phone in a plastic sandwich bag 

There are definitely some fancy waterproof phone protectant cases available, but toss your phone in a plastic sandwich bag and you can keep it sand and splash safe. You’ll still be able to use the touch screen to take pictures of your fun family beach moments and not have to worry if you get splashed by the surf or drop your phone in the sand.

4. Mesh hamper for cleaning sandy toys

Sand toys are a must at the beach, but you’re likely to bring a lot of sand home with you. Toss all of your sandy toys into a mesh pop up hamper and give them a good shake to leave the sand behind. If the beach has a rinsing area, you can even rinse the toys while in the bag and they’ll be able to dry on your way home.

5. Green tea cooling spray 

Keep yourself cool and refreshed with a DIY green tea cooling spray. Simply brew a regular cup of green tea, and once cooled add to a spray bottle with an equal part of water. Spritz yourself and your family all day long and enjoy the cool mist and bonus green tea antioxidants. 

6. Protect your valuables in a diaper 

Keep your keys and valuables safe by hiding them inside a diaper. No one will consider swiping a seemingly dirty diaper and your valuables are kept safe. Just make sure you don’t mix it up with an actual dirty diaper and spend your day digging through the trash! Kids out of diapers? You’ll get the same safe hiding spot from a sanitary napkin as well. 

7. Use a baby pool for safe water play

A few buckets of ocean water and you can corral your littlest children in a blow up baby pool to create a safer water play area.  

8. Create a relay race for the kids

Even with all the beach has to offer, you’re bound to hear “I’m bored” at least once while you’re there. Plan ahead with a beach relay race! Give each kid a bucket and large spoon or shell. They have them run to the water to fill up their carrying object and dump it into the bucket. First one to fill their bucket wins! Kids love relays and have a blast trying to get back and forth without spilling the water. 

9. Make finger food snacks

Keep the snacks simple and easy for everyone by planning ahead with finger foods. Create fruit kabobs and bento boxes with various snacks the kids can eat quickly and without a mess. Utilize reusable containers for crackers and chips to save on space in your beach bag. 

10. Freeze your water bottles

Save space in your coolers by freezing half your water bottles the night before. They’ll keep things cold through the day and you’ll have cool water to drink as they defrost. 

What are your favorite beach hacks?

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