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Dear Dad: A Letter From Your Daughter



Father’s Day this year is particularly special because it happens to fall two days before my number one man’s big 50th birthday (sorry for the age drop Dad)! So this year especially, I would like to say, thank you. Dads do not get nearly enough credit and dad, you deserve it. Raising two girls on your own for a few years was definitely no cake walk (for any of us). Many tears were shed as you tried to be as gentle as possible while brushing our hair, or tried to get us to eat anything but your standard “kid food”. But you were there. There was never a night that I went to bed without hearing you say you loved me and I want to tell you now how much I love and appreciate you.

Thank you for teaching me the value of hard work and never giving up.

Pouting was never an option in our house. From day one you told me that if I ever wanted something, I had to work hard and earn it. It is these values that have helped me push through some incredibly difficult semesters in college and ultimately allowed me to graduate. These are the skills that are going to power me through life and help me achieve my goals.

Thank you for teaching me how to take care of things.

 I cannot tell you how many times I have shouted, “don’t slam the door!” at my friends as they have gotten out of my car and every time I say it I hear your voice.

Thank you for teaching me how to treat others.

Dad, you taught me how to be kind and how to take care of friends, not always through your words but by your actions. I admire how you always put everyone else before yourself, that is the strength of your character.

Thank you for teaching me how to make good decisions.

I have never been one to listen to what I have been told. I forge my own path even if that means making a million mistakes that could have easily been avoided if only I had listened to you. BUT somewhere along the way you taught me how to make good decisions and think through my actions. Thank you for being my compass.




Thank you for always being the best dad you could be. You are always more than we could have hoped for. Happy Father’s Day and Happy 50th Birthday Old Man! I just love you!


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